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Decision to make if an officer pulls you over for a routine traffic violaiton

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Made a California stop at a stop sign last Thursday. I did run the stop sign by not coming to a complete stop. Two Officers lit me up and I pulled over. I had my carry in a IWB on might right side. My billfold with license & Carry Permit were in my right rear pocket. My seat belt unlatch was on my right side too.
When the LEO came up I had both my hands on my steering wheel and informed the officer that I had a Carry Permit and that I was armed. The LEO told the other officer that I had a weapon so he came up to the passenger side.
The LEO asked me where my weapon was. I said that it is on my right hip and that my billfold was in my right rear pocket and I can't unlock my belt because everything is on my right side.
The LEO thanked me for telling them that I had a weapon and asked me to get out of the car. I asked if it was ok to move my hand down to my right side and was told yes. I'm sure the other officer was watching me closely.
I undid the belt and opened the door and got out. I asked the LEO if they needed to see my weapon and was told "No, just telling them was enough but they did look at my license and carry permit. I got a lecture on running the stop sign and was then told to be on my way and once again thanked me for telling them that I had a weapon.
I realized this confrontation could have taken any direction that my attitude allowed it to go. I realized that they are dealing with folks they don't know who could do them bodily harm so why would I want to provoke an altercation.
I think all us folks that carry have to understand our situations with LEO's aren't always going to be in an unstressful situation. We have to use enough judgement to try to diffuse any potential problems just by our demeanor.
The folks were relieved to know that I wasn't a bad guy and that I made their job easier by telling them up front that I was armed.
My first LEO stop went well because I treated them with respect and they returned it to me.
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  1. Saddletramp55's Avatar
    I really like what you did. That is exactly what all CCW holders all need to do, if they are that in their class's. Also that's the way I teach it in my class's.
  2. rockoutwithmyGlockout's Avatar
    yes that was excellent. the last time I had a traffic stop I did much of the same process. After he checked
  3. rockoutwithmyGlockout's Avatar
    my permit he sent me on my way... not even a ticket. sorry I hit send too early.
  4. Jlsiv87's Avatar
    similar I was pulled over and I was able to stay in my car and got minimal fine with no points. they appreciate up front honesty
  5. neal3019's Avatar
    Was stopped in CA South Lake Tahoe, informed CHP I had permit and was carrying in door of burb he took pistol gave me a fix it ticket and handed back pistol in the open and thanked me for letting him know...
  6. n4sxx's Avatar
    My instructor advised all students to change our wallets to off side of handgun
  7. TWright's Avatar
    I like to get my belt off, wallet out and hands clear before the LEO gets to my window.
  8. TWright's Avatar
    ...without looking like I,m trying to hide something.
  9. SARparamedic's Avatar
    Best to not be moving around in car, ANY movement can trigger a higher sense of alertness and increase adrenaline effect. Hands on wheel or out the window are best respected by approaching officers.
  10. Logboss's Avatar
    Everyone knows the first thing an officer is going to want is your DL. I'm sure most people have them ready for the officer when he walks up.
    To me that is being respectful by not wasting his time while I dig it out. If I was not carrying I would do it.. why change?
  11. Tip's Avatar
    I carry all my ID's, Including CCL, in a small leather business card case I keep in my right front shirt pocket. That way I don't have to move anywhere. I always tell LEO's I'm carrying, and where, and always keep my hands on wheel until told otherwise. I've only been asked once to turn over my weapon, all went well and it was returned with courtesy and an apology for having to take it. I used to be LEO and that's how I treated people I pulled over unless there were extenuating circumstances.