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Glock 26 trying to conceal

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I have a Glock 26 and I am trying to conceal it with no luck it is way to bulky any ideas ?
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  1. Jrock3rd's Avatar
    In the winter time I carry mine IWB with no problems. I am going to upgrade my holster to the Black Mamba from Concealment Solutions. They have a 30 trial period.
  2. zoltandaman's Avatar
    I carry mine either in my pocket if I got shorts on. Or if I'm wearing jeans it is in my pull on boot. Don't like the inside the waistband too much but have carried that way many times. Does get kinda hard in the Florida heat.
  3. dgroce's Avatar
    i think the inside the waist band a loose shirt is best. just my opinion. its easily accessible, tried the boot option but concerned it wont be accessible when I need it.
  4. dirtys0uthfl1's Avatar
    I use a Galco Kingtuk IWB, I'm 6'2" and 205 lbs. It's nice since you can tuck a shirt over it if you want, but I keep mine untucked and it stays concealed very well.
  5. mattbrooks76's Avatar
    I carry a Glock 30 (larger than a 26) in a Crossbreed SuperTuck with an untucked shirt on a daily basis. I'm only 5-08 & 180lbs & it hides well.
  6. jscooper1975's Avatar
    I carry a 22 & 23 t- shirt and im 5'9 220 and it hides good
  7. n4sxx's Avatar
    I carry a G-22 owb slight bump BUT am changing to a new style iwb zero show
  8. domreplv's Avatar
    Try this.. I Conceal my SP XD 4" 45ACP with out issues. I use a White Hat MaxTuck Holster...
  9. kevnrm's Avatar i carry a 22 or 27, the 22 tries to show but not much and i am 5'9" 180 lbs. I have used a bh serpa owb but that's not really made for concealment.
  10. Templing's Avatar
    I can carry my glock 19 or 26 IWB with the galco king Tuk with no issue
  11. cpio's Avatar
    I carry a Glock 30 between 2-3:00 in a Galco Concealable pancake holster, typically underneath of a loose button-down shirt (the kind you don't have to tuck in) and not a single cop has looked at me twice. I alternate between the 30 and a Glock 27, which I typically carry in the same fashion, or sometimes in a Galco Royal Guard.

    Note: A high-quality gun belt is critical when carrying OWB. On a budget? Look at Galco's gun belts or something from Bullseye Holsters.

    I hope this helps, even if just a little. Shoot safe!
  12. xGaspy's Avatar
    just search around for reviews and info on IWB holsters an pick the solution that works best for you. look them up on youtube as well so you can see live demos.
  13. harleybass47's Avatar
    two things to remember. one it's not the movies where you can hide a .44 mag like dirty Harry and no one knows you're carrying. number two is not every one is staring at you to see if you are carrying. I carry a G27 same size OWB in a high ride Blackhills compact.
  14. TonyStark's Avatar
    I carry my xd9 subcompact in a iwb foxholster hybrid holster (crossbreed style) they cost about $40 on
    It's tough carrying a double stacked in the summer time... I usually just carry my lcp
  15. crowsnake's Avatar
    Honestly I think we all worry about a little bulge way too much. No one looks, no one sees.

    The only ppl who look are other CCW holders, BG's & cops. None of those ppl are gonna run, yell & point "GUN!" I have been using a Sneaky Pete holster & it was hard at first because I felt my gun was exposed. But even someone who knew I carry didn't even consider that there was a gun in the leather SP holster. They think its 4 a tablet computer or big phone.

    I wear it everywhere, movies malls etc nothing. My biggest problem is getting somewhere im not suppose 2 carry & realize I forgot 2 remove it. But since no one sees or looks I can go back out & take it off without anyone noticing.
  16. nodaywithout's Avatar
    Crossbreed super tuck is by far the best holster for carrying I have found yet. Been carrying full sized handguns for 5+ years
  17. tazbeatz1's Avatar
    get a Galco Triton iwb. I conceal a Glock 17 in this holster n I'm 5'6 173
  18. CH47dmch's Avatar
    I use a galco small of the back or hip holster
  19. Pcgjr47's Avatar
    I carry 26 in a crossbreed supertuck easily concealed with a loose dark colored T shirt
  20. virtigo's Avatar
    I carry mine in an OWB in the winter and a Remora clipless IWB in the summer.
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