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This is SERIOUS AS HELL....Need Advice...

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I am totally unable to carry IWB or OWB at my place of work...therefore, my ONLY option is ankle carry.

I need advice, serious advice from people who know what they are talking about:

(1) I can ONLY carry in an ankle holster.
(2) I need something I can carry *reasonably comfortably* for nine/ten hours a day.


Please do NOT comment if you can't understnad 1 and 2.
Pocket carry or undergarment carry. A 22Mag in ur pocket is better than a nine or 45 in the glovebox. Shoot, S&W makes a BodyGuard .380 I just got also, and it works great in pocket carry. Shoots great too! I just picked up the NAA Pug with night sites as well. For when I wear shorts.....or less, lol.
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  1. JHarrell's Avatar
    I carry the sig p230 it is a little big for pocket carry but it isn't to small or light like the lcp or bodyguard. I got some Kydex and made my grip slimmer to help with pocket carry and with the leftover I made a holster like galcos pocket holster. What it comes down to is YOUR preference. I work in the medical field and wear scrubs I carry everyday at work and the sig fits just fine. but again its your preference.
  2. XD40FAN's Avatar
    Sig P239 packs a punch and is concealable. Ebay sellers name DAYSTARHOLSTERSUSA made in Alabama and some of the finest quality I have ever seen! Better than the big names!
  3. buckey01's Avatar
    What about a Ruger LC 9? It is small, reasonably powerful, and easily consealed.
  4. viper1685's Avatar
    I carry a Kel-Tec P-32 which would work perfectly at a decent price.
  5. jknight4652's Avatar
    look at the keltec small 9mm. I bought my girl friend one for carry. it's very small.