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The recent mass murders might be averted if....

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Since at least the last three out of four mass murders were committed by college students, maybe it might be prudent to require new students to have a psychological evaluation alongside of their physical for admission?

Since the onset of mental illness typically occurs between the ages of 17 - 26 an early diagnosis may prevent the student from living with an untreated mental illness and certainly will flag the student through NICS preventing them from purchasing firearms.

Also since most colleges do have an on campus clinic or nurses station, students diagnosed with early onset mental health issues could be monitored for medication compliance.

Your thoughts?
I'dike to think that if someone was carrying this whole mass murder would have been avoided. It's one thing to go and attack the defenseless but I think he would have freaked out and ran had someone had a concealed weapon and fired back especially if they just winged the gas mask and got his attention. Firmly believe that taking him out would have been the best course of action. Now if convicted we pay the dime.
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    my thoughts I have a slow learning disability , I have a few mental problems . my Ncis passed in two minutes . your theory is shot . plus I have my Ccw and carry a weapon every single day . because I have a few mental issues it doesn't mean that I shouldn't be aloud to protect my family