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I figure I would of kinda do a little review of this pistol. I purchased it last year and figured if didn't like it would use it for students in classes. I got the pistol in the pretty blue case got home, sat down and read the owner's manual. which I thought was well done. I field stripped the pistol and clean and inspected it. I was impressed with the quality of work done to this pistol for the price. After lubricating it and reassembly I headed out to the range. Once on the range, I was going to bench it, but someone had busted the bench, so I went straight to standing. I found the pistol to be well balanced in the hand. Acuraccy of the pistol kept a tight group of about 2" from 15 yards (I find it more accurate then the shooter). The trigger took a little to get use too (old 1911 guy), but didn't find it all "gritty" as read some review. The control's was very friendly and found a magazine change was flawless, do to mag dropping cleanly. I had ordered a holster from Crown Holsters in michigan and came before pistol did. If you are looking for a good one look at them, all kydex. I found that carrying the pistol was totally comfortable and easy access.
I shot one hundred and twenty five rounds out of the pistol on this outing with no malfunction's at all. I can already tell the parts are really meshing together, after another hundred be smooth.
I found the ambi-thumb safety no issue and liked it, but again old 1911 guy.
The one thing I didn't really like was the sights. I think they are fine for the average person but I prefer more of a tritium sight. I ordered a "Hackathorn sight" for it and installed it and just added to the personal protection system. I had an XDS, and comparing it to this, I would take this hands down. My only regret not getting the .45acp version. But this will be in my arsenal for long time. Hope this shed's some light.
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