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Tell him or not? That is the question......

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OK so Im looking for feedback, suggestions and anything else you want to post on this. After 3 years of CC, I finally got stopped by LE. I was leaving OBX, NC at 6am yesterday to start my 6+ hour ride back home to WV with my wife and kids. I had a brake light out and as soon as the LEO pulled out behind me, I knew what was gonna happen. While pulling over my wife asked me, "are you gonna tell him?" and I replied, "i dont know yet" Fast forward, the stop was quick, the LEO was more than polite and didnt even give me a ticket for the busted light and after 3 or 4 minutes, he sent us on your way. I did NOT tell him I was CCing. Had the LEO asked me to get out, I would have before getting out. Obvious questions here is this....What is your opinion of this? Would you have offered up the info or kept your mouth shut? Let the debate begin........
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  1. whodat2710's Avatar
    Check NC laws and use your judgement.
  2. SeptemberSniper's Avatar
    well I found out thru another thread that I started on this and I will pass this along to help anyone in the future that finds themselves in this spot. NC is a MUST ADVISE State. So there ya go. You must advise any and all LEO's that you are armed when approached in an official capacity. I was wrong for not being upfront with this LEO. I shouldve told him. I didnt and am lucky! I live in WV and I do NOT have to advise LE that I am armed here....lesson learned....check the laws of every state you will be in CAREFULLY and follow them. I am in NC a lot so the next time I am pulled over...I know what to do.
  3. JHarrell's Avatar
    I was pulled over in NV the officer simply told me "don't show me yours and I won't show you mine!"
  4. swats's Avatar
    I live in a 'don't tell' state but work in a 'must tell' state. The method I have adopted is to simply hand over both my drivers license AND my ccw permit together. This advises the LEO in a non aggressive way that I am carrying. I don't have to worry about using that nasty 'gun' word that gets people riled up or what type state I'm in I.e. tell or don't tell. I have never been asked to reveal my weapon.
  5. PaidTriot's Avatar
    It is not a debate.
    It is all about local and State law.
    In NY you are encouraged by LEO not to tell them unless you are asked or asked to step out of the vehicle. The law in NY does not require you to inform an officer you are legally carrying.

    It completely depends on OBX, NC laws.
  6. Sgt Mike's Avatar
    Best advice I have heard is check out the laws in the states that you will be traveling in, and carefully folly the laws . . . . . . if you can keep up with the changes
  7. MDT's Avatar
    Always check the laws. I live in a "Must Inform" state IF I am carrying. Out of courtesy, I always hand over my DL and CHL permit at the same time. If the LEO wants to know where my firearm is, I tell them. If they ask to see it, I ask HOW they would like me to show it (in our state, a LEO has the right to disarm until business is finished). I want to make sure they see compliance but am aware that their personal security is important.
  8. bearntiger's Avatar
    When I went through CCW training in Ohio it was advised to offer that information first, even before finding out the reason the LEO pulled you over. Am I misguided? Ohio resident/permit holder
  9. mechanic1990's Avatar
    I'm also in Ohio and in my CCW class they instructed us to roll the window down, keep hands in plain sight on the steering wheel, and let the officer know that I have a concealed carry license and "am" or "am not" carrying. then allow the officer to decide how to proceed from there. One reason is because in this state when they run the license plate a big notification comes up on their screen showing that you have CCW.
  10. fearhd's Avatar
    NC is a must disclose state, things coulda turned out diff if by c
  11. blackpowderrob's Avatar
    Some very interesting comments and excellent advice. In Louisiana the vehicle is an extension of your home and you are not required to say you have a weapon in the vehicle. Although if you are CC you must advise the LEO. I was pulled over just the other day for a bad brake light. When the LEO walked up I was pulling my license and proof of ins out. I advised him that my registration was in the glove box. He had seen my CC permit and ask me where the weapon was. I was not carrying at the time and informed him of that but if I was I would have been required to advise him of it. Few minutes later, no ticket, he just asked me to get it fixed when I could, and I was on my way again.