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In The Beginning

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The 1st Handgun I ever owned was a little .22 Phenix Arms Revolver given to me by my Uncle was back in the early 90's. It was a gift as me and the woman I was dating at the time were getting ready to move to Illinois from Florida and he thought it would be an appropiate thing to have in a land so much different then the one I hailed from. Unfortunately after a couple years and a couple new female interests, this gift was stolen from me while I was away from the residence I had it kept in. It might have been for the best at the time though because I was still feeling my youth and ended up getting into some stupid habits that a typical 30 something guy got in to. The firing mechanism on this revolver was also broke and had no idea on how I was going to have it fixed so I never made an attempt to recover it or look for a replacement.

My next firearm would be a shotgun I picked up from a friend of a gentleman I had renting my spare bedroom in Alabama. I was interested in looking for a gun worthy of having in the house for personal protection as the neighborhood I was living in was far less then a "Gated Community" and there were times whenI felt I needed to have something to have on my side in case of a home invasion or the like. I liked this firearm and I kept it cleaned up and it sat behind my bedroom door for the longest time.

I then moved out to the country (Still In Alabama) and was able to get a whole lot of use out of the shotgun because I moved onto 3.5 acres of land and it has a creek that runs the entire length of my back yard. Where there is running water, there is usually snakes and this is what I used my shotgun mostly for. Over time I felt the desire to get another hand gun. So when Income Tax time came around I decided to purchase my first handgun. I took my refund and went to a local Hunting & Fishing store and purchased a High Point 9mm. Not knowing nothing about handguns, when I got home I googled the pistol I just brought and found out thet these guns are notorious for jamming every 3rd or 4th round. Not wanting to believe this, I immediately took it outside and started firing off the rounds. Sure enough, it jammed on the 3rd round. After clearing that it jammed again on the 3rd round and I was now ticked off that I purchased a junk weapon. I called up the propieter and told him what was happening and he was quick to offer another clip for it and I told him I would be there shortly and would like to give the pistol back to him in exchange for something a little more reliable.

Enter the Ruger P95 9mm. I really liked this pistol and it was dependable and was just what I was looking for in ways of self protection. I purchased a soft holster for it and it became my carry around gun if I was out and about. To large for me to keep it on me without someone knowing I was carrying, I kept it in my vehicle if I was out and about or in the bedroom of the house when I was at home. So now I have the 9mm and the shotgun and would not aquire any more firearms for several more years.