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How long was your wait for permit?

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In Colorado it took me about 90 days to get my
permit. I think some of the variables are internal to the sheriff department where you apply. In my case I called about 4 weeks before I got the permit and they told me I was approved, but someone would have to make up the permit. That took the balance of the time. Maybe the Sheriff's office where I applied only does cards once a month, I never found out why the delay.
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  1. Seadog261's Avatar
    got my WI permit in under 2 weeks!
  2. firstcavveteran's Avatar
    I think my wait was only about 10 days. But depending on a persons public record, it could take up to 60 days from what I have heard in the past.
  3. dtjxd40's Avatar
    I live in Ohio, I was told mine could take up to 90 days, it only took about four weeks though.
  4. tarcher's Avatar
    I live in Ohio and it took 10 days only because the Deputy that processes them went on vacation the week after I submitted my application. Otherwise it would have been about 5 days without any problems.
  5. unionmillwright's Avatar
    Got mine in WA in about 10 days.
  6. matt111's Avatar
    In Utah it took about 55 days