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conceal carry in Canada

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Does anyone know if a USA ccl will let you in Canada to carry while your there
Handguns (pistols and revolvers) are illegal in Canada and Mexico.

There are places that you cannot go in this world with your six shooter. Or ten shooter. Or fourteen shooter.Too bad.
Absolutely untrue. Many people own handguns in Canada but they are heavily restricted and they have very stringent storage and transport rules. I am a cowboy action shooter and there are many clubs in Canada with monthly matches. You can get tempory permit applications from any Canadian Consulate or the Canadian Embassy in D.C. You must be bringing the guns into the country for a recognized match and must be sponsored be the club you will be shooting with. It takes about 6 weeks to get the temporary permit and you must enter and leave Canada by the same POE. In other words, you cannot enter the country at Windsor, Ontario and leave the country at Vancover British Columbia. Your guns and paperwork and ammo will be checked upon entry & exit and everything better match or you're in big doodoo. You can only bring enough ammo required to shoot the match.
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