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A little common sense

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I'm not a street fighter/martial artist/gun expert/general bad dude. I am a regular Joe with a little background and I feel some common sense. (26 years U.S. Army Infantry/Ranger ) As far as our second amendment rights go, Im a huge supporter. Having said that, I see insanity on the internet in regards to CCW/HGP or whatever your states laws call them. People who are poorly trained or not at all thinking now they have a handgun permit all is well. A weapon is a tool or force multiplier. In my opinion it is not your primary means to defend yourself. First is to escape the situation if at all possible. In addition to handgun training of some type ( not youtube or some safety class taught by Barney Fife) you should learn some close quarters hand to hand or combatives. I understand everybody may not be physically capable of doing this, but if at all possible it should be done. This will be your primary means of defending yourself not your handgun. God forbid if the situation ever manifests itself, statistics say you will not even have the time to get your handgun drawn in many cases and may have to defend yourself with your wits and hand to hand training before the handgun is deployed (if its deployed) I carry everyday but always look at it as a tool I may not be able to use right off the bat in a situation. Might just be good ol knuckles for a second or two and then who knows maybe no need for the gun. Just a thought. Thanks.
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  1. Bluwizard1's Avatar
    I agree with what you have said. Having said that there are some like me that are older and partically disabled that would have no chance in any kind of hand to hand combat. I have had some training in that area, but my disability will not let me make use of it with the possible exception of a hand block or two and perhaps use my walking cane like a short staff weapon. In my case, if such a case should come up I know that I will draw my handgun and try to offer the probable attacker go away, but if the make a move I will protect myself the only way I can. It is fortunate that most of the time verbal threats start the offensive action of the attacker and that would give me a chance to "deploy" my weapon. The attacker will have the choice of leaving or dieing. It is my 2nd amendment rights that let me have a means of protecting myself and I will join in the fight in support of keeping them. Thanks for listening.
  2. slaw0001's Avatar
    Absolutely, its individual, situation based....and in your situation I fully understand. Assessing the threat correctly is the key. Name calling, or posturing alone DO NOT give anyone the right to use a handgun or even ( in some states) show your weapon as a deterent. . What the person is doing at the time, body language etc.. if they are trying rob you for example.. sure absolutely. My emphasis is on keeping myself out of 6 figure lawyer fees for a stupid incident in which I didn't use my common sense and killed a jerk just because he's a jerk. The court system decides before trial (if you live in stand your ground law state) if the SYG is a defense or not. There's a lot of jerks out there, but not worth going to jail for. Thanks All.