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Learning to conceal carry the hard way, by just doing it.

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Well just sitting here and reading a few things here and there I thought I would share a little bit about my learning to carry a gun in my daily life. I'm no writer but I figure if one person reads this and learns something than that's all that matters.

So here goes a try.

So, after seeing that wonderful little piece of plastic in my wallet I dawned my weapon to excitedly see the world in a whole new way. I felt safe, powerful and ready to move through the world ever so sneakily with my close friend.
Thinking I knew what I was doing I crammed my gun hyde into my pants right on my hip. I'm talking on the hip bone, cant get my hand in that pocket on the hip.
I fell into my car to jam it into the center console. OW! I then spent a few moments digging it out of my side before I could even start the car. Then off to run some errands.
Once at the store I hopped out of the car. Standing there with my door open I found myself adjusting yet again. "okay, that ought to do it" I thought and into the store I went. Browsing around for what I wanted I found myself adjusting every few steps. Either adjusting the position, adjusting my attire, or just down right indicating. If anybody was to have been watching me and knew how to carry I would have basically been waiving a gigantic sign around that said "HEY EVERYBODY, I HAVE A GUN IN MY PANTS!"
Looking back it was pretty ridiculous. Now to top that off, I also realized half way through the parking lot that I was almost limping. My weapon was so tight in my pants and so poorly placed that I was walking funny just to avoid it from jamming my pelvis and hip bones. Yeah, pretty dang horrible isn't it?!

I can happily say that I don't have these problems anymore. Instead of testing the waters at home, I just went into the world like a dang fool.

So, now that I have shared my story of looking and acting like a jack wad I will tell you how I prepare before leaving the house.
First of all I now know what I can and can't wear with certain holsters. I have what I like to call gun shirts and gun pants and even gun jackets! How did I do this? Well, I just started trying on everything I own, with every holster in front of the mirror.
I would draw (with a cleared weapon of course!), bend, stoop, sit, kneel and reach all over.

I do all of these things in the safety of my own home.

When I go to buy new clothes, I go into the dressing room and do all of these things.
I didn't have to drastically alter my appearance either is the best part.

A size larger pants to accommodate the IWB, looser fitting jackets, looser fitting shirts. All the things I would normally buy but in a new size. Simple as that.
But I digress.

Everyday before I leave I try out what I'm wearing. I move about as I stated before to make sure it's all good to go.
After dealing with all the pains, and awkward movements I know how and where to place my weapon.
I know what works for me, because I've tried and applied new techniques.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you to do what I do. What I am going to tell you to do is find what works best for you before you go into the world. Walk around the house, squat, kneel, sit and if you have somebody home that knows what you're up to... ASK THEM! Tell them you're trying new techniques and want to make sure you are not doing what I was with my choices and body language. Don't be out and about with your "HEY EVERYBODY, I HAVE A GUN!" sign.

I can now move about the world not only without notice of my weapon, but I do it comfortably!
Where and how I have my weapon means nothing. There are a million ways to carry and you need to find what works for you as I did.

So I guess that's really it. It's not much but I hop you got a laugh from my story and find new ways to make your carry work for you.


  1. jd_mitchell's Avatar
    thanks for sharing. great reminder to be mindful of what you're doing & wearing .
  2. snowman's Avatar
    good story I like it a lot, thanks for good info
  3. drexotic's Avatar
    It think you story is common one and working out the kinks before the first foray into public is uncommon. Your story may help more than you know.
  4. TWright's Avatar
    Most definitely a common story. The first time I carried in public I was sure everyone could tell. Re-positioning and protecting with my hand was constant. Good times.
  5. Sneakyinshorewood's Avatar
    Thanks for the support, I'm so glad that I can now go anywhere in comfort and without notice. I bought a lot of holsters too before finding out what worked best for me. It's good to know I'm not the only one that had a hard time at first.
  6. Tip's Avatar
    I think just about all of us had a similar start, some to a greater or lesser degree. Great story.