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I usualy carry concealed all the time unless I am driving the tractor and trailer. While I drive I just set it aside. Question: If I get stopped for an Inspection at the scales for DOT, should I inform them that I have a loaded revolver in the truck? And am I legal to do so?
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  1. JPKirkpatrick's Avatar
    That is a good question for anyone who is an OTR driver or owner/operator of a big rig. One that my Brother-In-Law and I had.
    I researched what the laws required and the Feds don't have a prohibition on you having a firearm in the rig, especially if you have a Concealed Carry License. What might get you 'caught' is if you routinely drive through states (such as Illinois or California) and have to make more than a fuel stop there. If you have to off-load freight or drop a trailer and pick up another in any of the states that restrict your right to carry, you then run afoul of their laws. FOPA (Firearms Owners Protection Act) was supposed to protect firearms owners as they peacefully transited restrictive states, but has fallen short on doing so (look at what happens in New York and New Jersey).

    What I found out is that you can usually carry safely on the Federal Level, but the states may trip you up. You'll have to research each state you transit (use The Best Search Links on the Net to see each states restrictions); and don't forget your company's requirements, as they may prohibit your carrying a firearm in their OTR Tractors.

    If you want a copy of what I found, email me ([email protected]) with your email address and I'll send you a PDF copy of it.

    Like I said, it was a good question, especially if you are an OTR operator!

  2. Soserius's Avatar
    i work for a small company and they never stated whether or not we are allowed to carry. I wonder, other than being terminated, would i be braking any kind of laws if my company doesnt allow it? and how would my company find out that I was carrying a fire arm? would they contact my employer to find out if I am allowed to carry in there rig? if so, what are the consequences if they say that I am not allowed to carry? would that be grounds to losing my ccw permit? thank you for your response earlier.