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Ok, I know it might be a distant away for ccw permits in Il, considering, what is going on with the new gun control act that will take place in january. My heart goes out to those in Conn. My heart breaks for those kids and there family. What i did not realize in Illlonois, was that you cannot video your confrontation with the police there like you should in any other state for your protection. A man took a video of his confrontation and is getting charged and faced with 75 years for his acts. All he did was video tape! I train my self to tape any confrontations with police, cause I know there are some cops out there who like to take full advantage of there position. (not all) but some, and I am a law biding citizen, who will protect all those around me in danger from any criminal act. When I get pulled over, I like to video in case something gets out of hand and I have to prove my innocence. hopefully that will never happen, but if I do so in Illinois, I can get charged and sentenced with a felony. Anybody have any feedback or think I am out of line for thinking this is wrong? I would like to get feedback from both parties in this matter.
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  1. jamesreinhardt's Avatar
    With Il that only good thing about that place is that I am not there or care to ever be. That state is so messed up on all its laws pertaining to self defense. I thought that Washington DC was bad and so liberal Il puts it to shame. Everyone needs to avoid that state to protect them-selves because you do not have protection especially when the unlawful has more rights than the law abiders. This is a main I feel there is so much corruption there.
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