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southern pride

Guns and Children

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I was taught from a very young age not to play with guns. My father also always kept his gun out of reach.I believe to many people are just getting lazy about keeping things safe and out of harms way.
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  1. jabatam's Avatar
    I believe my approach to guns regarding my own daughter is a smarter way. I have believed, for a long time, that most of these tragic incidents result from guns being mysterious, taboo, or just having a general stigma about them. Until my daughter turned 5, my loaded guns were kept far out of her reach. On her 5th birthday, I took her shooting and began slowly exposing her to all of my firearms, including my "assault" rifles. She is now 10 and has been shooting with me many times, firing everything I own except for my bolt-action .308 and only because the kick on that is still probably too much for her. She also helps me clean them after we shoot. Firearms are normal to her; there is no stigma. To her, a pistol is no more fascinating than a fork and viewed in the same's just a tool. Just my 2 cents. I realize I only have one case study to draw this conclusion with but I think it has merit
  2. creatism's Avatar
    I'm in complete agreement with jabatam. the only difference is I had to wait till my son was 8 to star shooting. (local range rules). there is no taboo about guns he knows the rules with them, can make them safe etc. teaching is a better idea then "no touch" policy.
  3. jabatam's Avatar
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that's tried this. I've explained it to other people in the past, even gun enthusiasts, and many have been horrified that I let my daughter handle my guns at such a young age. For example, after having night sights installed on one of my pistols recently and reholstering the weapon in the store, I handed it (unloaded) to my daughter so I could pay for it. The guy behind the counter looked shocked. Mind you, it wasn't loaded but my response was "I trust her with a gun more than you because I know what kind of training she has had" and this was in a gun store.
  4. muccione's Avatar
    I'm with you Jab. I gun proofed my kids and not the house. My children have been brought up knowing that if they ever wanted to handle/touch ANY of my guns all they have to do is ask. I showed them it's clear and hand it to them and then they check to make sure it's clear. Because of this way of thinking/raising I have no worries about leaving a fully loaded XD on the kitchen table.
  5. hubbpd8250's Avatar
    I agree 100% the best concept is to remove the curiosity. That is what drives most children. If they are told don't touch, as soon as your not looking, guess what? Where if they are educated and familiar then the curiosity is gone.
  6. crowsnake's Avatar
    Ok so 3 years old. I suppose as soon as they start tottering around you should try & enplane your gun 2 them.

    (Besides the obvious logical thing of keeping it put away or on your hip at all times so they can't get it. In the shower put it up high & lock your bathroom door. In bed if u got a baby in the house get a little bedside quick open safe by the time their old nuf to get it open they better be informed )

    But really how a 3 year old how does that happen. I know that I was taught to shoot as soon as I showed an interest. Guns were part of life you didn't touch um unless u were going hunting or cleaning um, or target shooting. We didn't have but one hand gun an old .22. I didn't even know where it was kept until I was older. The long guns were on the wall up high. No gun safe.

    The thing that kept me disinterested was the fact that they were not off limits if I wanted to shoot Daddy found time 4 me. If not then they we're just there. I wasn't supposed to mess with um on my own. But as soon as I wanted 2 learn 2 hunt I got my own.

    Just stupid 4 a gun to be laying out where a 3 year old could get a hold if it. Baffling.
  7. jd_mitchell's Avatar
    with my dad being a Marine, I was taught a healthy respect for what a gun can do. I do have a pistol by my bed, but I know who has access to it . Namely me.
  8. Uncle Sam-Bear your Arms!'s Avatar
    Great comments! I recently sat down with my 9 year old daughter and started talking with her & teaching her about guns. I know that it she's familiar with them, they won't be exciting to her. Thus she won't curious about them & how they work. She's learning that guns are Not Toys and Not to be played with. She'll be shooting for the 1st time soon.