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Spanish Trail

Don't Visit A Therapist - likely new mental background check criteria

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The Obama Administration's anti-gun stance shifted from mere assault weapons and magazines ban, degree of which unspecified, and better background checks to background checks heavily. Do not think that your current gun(s) registration and conceal carry permit(s) will be grandfathered in. By focusing on the background check and your competency hinging on a new definition of mental competency, political and philosophical views can be an added criteria to allow or deny you to a gun.

Forget the hand-gun long-gun distinctions - it will all be about the new and improved psychological evaluation, new test(s) to determine if you're stable enough to possess firearms. This is the angle that Obama and his zombies will relentlessly pursue in order to most effectively squelch the Second Amendment. Whether or not all of the current states' gun regulations will remain in tact is irrelevant - if you can't meet the new federal [mental] background check then you can't legally purchase nor possess a gun. In this way the anti-gun club can claim no gun confiscation at all.

The Administration will have no trouble finding a plethora of liberal psychologists to committee and pen the new mental competency requirements. Researching things you've said or written; even canvassing fellow employees, ex-wife and others able to disparage your mental health will not be ignored as a tool to deny you gun ownership. Obviously, just a record of having visited a therapist or other mental health professional will be added to the criteria as a red flag to justify a complete scrutiny.

Only after the fact, after a traffic stop, unpaid taxes, delinquent child support or other infraction completely unrelated to gun ownership will the authorities suddenly have legal probable cause to search your car, then home, office or anywhere you hang your hat. This despotic expansion will too be woven in to the new legislation - or executive order - now that you're deemed mentally illegal to own a gun, confiscation will be unchallenged and executed. This is the plan as I see it - give it some room for modification but this will be the basics for nullifying the Second Amendment - by stealth.

The Soviet Union effectively used its own psychologists to impose the State's political will - turning family members against one another, rewarding snitches and incarcerating the unfortunate mentally ill. I see the same strategy of US State-sponsored psychological abuse as a stepping stone on which Obama will not be able to resist - the potential for defining us psychologically is the ultimate whip of control - the President has provided much evidence of his potential and desire to head a despotic government. Why would he ignore using the psychology industry to implement his political ambitions?
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