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How many of you take "Continuing Education" as an instructor?

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What I'm looking to talk about, is whether you take classes in general firearms use / skill / knowledge, as instructors. Also, do you tell the instructor of that class at all that you are already an instructor? As an NRA Instructor, there is basically only one level that you can achieve, but I feel that continued TRAINING, versus just constant PRACTICE on your own is a good thing.

I have been an instructor for five years, and go to some kind of continuing education course each year. My rule of thumb when taking a continuing education course to call the company I am looking at taking a course from and let them know my intentions. While some instructors feel threatened by another instructor coming to their class, I have found others to be very receptive. When doing this, expect to have the company you are going to take a course from to have you sign a non-compete agreement.
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