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What's The Most Popular Concealed Carry Handgun on USA Carry

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[QUOTE=PaxMentis;166897]The Glock19 is every day...sometimes the Rossi M88 (it's been with me the longest of my handguns) comes along.[/QUOTE]
glock 19 is great
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  1. Grumpy Old Timer's Avatar
    I carry my LCP, everywhere its legal. I carry all the time at home. Front pocket most of the time, belly band if wearing casual sports wear with no/insufficient pockets.
  2. Jb1881's Avatar
    I like my Glock 27 with 10 round magazine and 13 round space.
  3. lbms's Avatar
    Has any one tried the SCCY CPX-2 9mm?
  4. tennischick15's Avatar
    I love my xd-40 and 1911 but my lcp is easiest and perfect for my holster purse and easily on hand when wearing dresses and such.
  5. jmarshall1956's Avatar
    I like my Bersa Thunder UC 40 - being left handed the ambidextrous controls are handy and I like the decocker/safety combination as it feels more "safe" to me carrying with one in the chamber when the trigger pull is much more deliberate for that first round via double action. Plus the size is comfortable and still has 10 round capacity.
  6. BorderSniper's Avatar
    Springfield XDs-9 when wearing cargo shorts and tshirts in the summer. Colt Commander 1911 .45ACP all other times.