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My Daughter Shoots! Check up my all new episode.

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My Daughter Shoots!
Well this is my all new episode on YouTube. I will be training my 10 year old daughter Izzy to not only survive the future Zombie Apocalypse, but to dominate throughout. "My Daughter Shoots" is based on Izzy, my 10 year old daughter and her exciting journey to someday compete with firearms professionally. She is very much into the sport of shooting and loves shooting her (My) gun, a Ruger SR22 handgun. I would love to hear your comments and any tips you have for my daughter and myself. Any help you could give for me to make sure I teach her a good foundation would be greatly appreciated. So please, give my channel a try and join with my other subscribers today. I promise, you won't want to miss this.

After a day and a half of editing, My Daughter Shoots! Episode 1 is finally ready. We have been wanting to start this for a long time now and finally found some .22LR ammo... Just kiddin' the ammo wasn't all that difficult to find. I don't really expect this to hit the box office shelves, but I think it will be a great way to chronologically diary her entire training.

With that, I also look forward to the loads of information I hope to receive from you and others on any teaching that I am doing wrong as well as helpful advice to make for certain that she is getting trained correctly. Remember, I am just a noob too, so I am far from knowing it all.

So watch our first episode and please tell me what you think.