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Round in the chamber.

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In the state of Indiana, is it illegal to have a round chambered and ready to fire while carrying? Even if you have a C&C permit. I think not but a friend of mine disagrees. Any help?
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  1. Jmeadows's Avatar
    No its not illegal with a carry permit. I carry with a round in the chamber, cocked and locked so to speak. If you think about it how effective would you be at defending yourself if you had to rack the slide first. You could be dead by then. Also if you carried a revolver you would have to carry it unloaded if a loaded chamber was illegal. So your fine to carry it loaded in the state.
  2. TlWheatley's Avatar
    No. why not just carry a brick? There are no timeouts in physical attacks
  3. concealedinla's Avatar

    Just like in the movies, rack back a shotgun to put a shell in the chamber?

    Always wanted to see a live shell eject from the gun!

    If you are carrying a weapon, it needs to be ready to shoot.... wait Mr. Bad Guy....I need to chamber a bullet!

    Just saying
  4. StuntCarry's Avatar
    That's what I thought. My friend still disagrees with me, but he doesn't even own a gun so I won this one.
  5. gtk10583's Avatar
    I carry a colt detective special...revolver. Always ready to shoot. No need to worry about chambering :)
  6. JohnGalt42's Avatar
    Your friend needs to read IN law. It's readily available on the Internet. No perp is going to wait for you to rack a round to shoot him/her.
  7. cmr2's Avatar
    won this buy being a gun owner and having a permit ,
  8. brazen's Avatar
    criminals won't follow that law so you might as well not carry.. Indiana needs to rewrite the law. start a petition, write your congressman, senator, and the NRA. I carry an HK P30 .40 cal with one chambered at all times. the crime rate in Jacksonville, FL is pretty bad.