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Open Carry or Concealed?

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I have recently gotten my carry and conceal permit and am awaiting the arrival of my BLACKHAWK SERPA CQC Concealment Holster. Of course with this holster I will be concealing my firearm 100% of the time when possible. I'm not sure why, but when I see someone visibly carrying their handgun I feel that it brings more attention to that individual. I don't disagree with it, I fell that it is unnecessary and I also understand that you don't want to be wearing a sweater during summer to conceal it. Let me know what you think about open carry or concealing and which do you prefer?


  1. Firefighterchen's Avatar
    I don't get these blogs things vs regular threads...

    Go to the open carry forum and check out 10 reasons to open carry and the open carry argument.

    I prefer open carry. I like the element of deterrence. I don't want to give the criminal any more reason to chose me. To each their own.
  2. Natron_1's Avatar
    I choose to conceal carry. I'm 6 foot 3 and 260 pnds. no one targets me but I'm ready if and when they do
  3. trophyhunter's Avatar
    I prefer to Carry Concealed. I like the elimate of Surprize. Plus living in New York State we are not Permitted to open Carry. Unless we are hunting, or at the shooting range
  4. williams_1222's Avatar
    I prefer open carry. but depending on where Im at I will conceal if needed
  5. Emerald_Myst's Avatar
    Washington state where I live has an "open carry" provision in the law which permits open carry as long as it does not cause alarm in persons in public.
    I know that I would definitely be alarmed seeing someone coming into my beloved Starbucks packing openly.
    I have a concealed pistol license and much prefer to keep my gun concealed. Besides, I feel that openly carrying only invites trouble in the long run.
  6. Emerald_Myst's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Natron_1
    I choose to conceal carry. I'm 6 foot 3 and 260 pnds. no one targets me but I'm ready if and when they do
    ...6 foot 3 and 260 pounds??? What the hell do you need a gun for? lol
  7. OuttaHand's Avatar
    when you open carry you are exposing yourself to a couple potential issues: 1) if someone even FEELS threatened you could be arrested for assault and 2) If you were in a convenience store, etc and someone came in to rob it, you are the first one they shoot because you are a the 'threat' that they will shoot first. my $.02
  8. Firefighterchen's Avatar
    Outta hand and emeralds, post statutes, cause you are wrong.

    Also any legitimate resources to back up your claims open carriers well be shot first? Or just more unsubstantiated fear mongering?
  9. NotTwoShure's Avatar
    Wow. A lot of varied replies. Again, as with real estate, location, location and location. In Boston, Mass as opposed to Phoenix, Arizona we would have a verity of views. I believe time and place. Carrying an AR into the local convenience store with a 30 round magazine (To those of the left, a large capacity “Clip” for an assault rifle [Don’t you just love it?]) and flak jacket, cammies and boonie hat might scare folks. Having a small Glock Mod. 26 in my fanny pack (Very retro) or under my shirt might very well be the way to go. This is my opinion and not an attack nor is it a “Kow-Tow” to the State or “Giving in”, it is my opinion and we all know what opinions are like, no? Oh, and again, I know it is about concealed carry and not a fully decked-out SEAL/SWAT/wanna-be. So, send in those cards and letters and jump on me.
  10. TexChap's Avatar
    I prefer concealed goal is to call minimal attention to myself.
  11. glockcarry's Avatar
    depends in what I am carrying I cc my glock I oc my 1911 and I have a shoulder rig that's holds my glock and my Xd
  12. zerogambit2005's Avatar
    in NY you have no choice but to carry concealed if you are lucky enough to get a concealed carry permit.