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Conceal Holsters....any thoughts?

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This blog is more of a question than a general forum discussion. If you have read some of my past blogs I am a fairly new carry, conceal permit owner and was waiting to receive my holster I ordered online. (BLACKHAWK SERPA CQC Concealment Holster Carbon Fiber Applique Finish, BLACK, 08) It is a nice holster but is very hard to put on and to take off and I find myself struggling with it from time to time. It is also not as comfortable as I thought it was going to be. It still has great features such as and adjustable tilt, optional belt loop or paddle attachments (I use paddle), and a trigger guard locking system. I use it for my Ruger SR40c and was wondering what type of holsters you prefer and which you would recommend with the type of firearm I carry? (Without breaking the bank)


  1. Jlfitz's Avatar
    I've got a kydex IWB from old faithful holsters with my SR40C and I love it. it's a little hard to hide with only a tee but for that I have a versa carry
  2. toman5891's Avatar
    crossbreed holsters are the most comfortable iwb I've found
  3. Flashlight22's Avatar
    Cant go wrong with Kholster
  4. rockoutwithmyGlockout's Avatar
    I prefer comp-tac conceals my glock 17 extremely well. IWB.
  5. mattbrooks76's Avatar
    Crossbreed SuperTuck is the ONLY thing I'll use from now on. I carry a Glock 30 daily & sometimes forget it's there.
  6. barryz6801's Avatar
    crossbreed holsters are great had mine for two months now fits my glocks g22, g23, & my g36 great comfort
  7. gearsdown's Avatar
    I have a Galco Triton, very comfortable and easy to put on and remove with one hand while leaving gun holstered. Considering a N82(squared) in warmer weather. Not sure if I like kydex next to my skin.
  8. Montyrush's Avatar
    blackhawk cqc leather it! (p229)
  9. chevyhuskerguy's Avatar
    Have to agree with some otbers crossbreed supertuck. I have one for everypistol i carry. From the 709 slim to a full size 1911
  10. Templing's Avatar
    galco king tuk it like the crossbreed but cheaper it IWB it one of the comfortable I use.