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Why Do You Carry Concealed?

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I have just completed my application for my carry and conceal and have not recieved my permit yet, but when I do I will carry because: 1. I live in an apartment complex where I know there is high drug traffic (only thing I can affford right now), 2. A friend of mine suggested it because you never know when the state laws might change and stop issuing them, 3. I feel I have the right to protect myself wherever I go because we do not live in a perfect world.
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  1. justxboxin's Avatar
    I think you might be making this a lot more then there is to it .... I really carry my gun because something happened that scarred me for my life and don't feel safe anywhere I go... so I always am able to carry a personal gun on me to protect my wife daughter and self someways shots in my hand all day long in my pocket in car shots in my lap I hate the world we live in
  2. paguy's Avatar
    I carry because I have always lived using "Be Prepared" to guide myself.
  3. vkent718's Avatar
    I carry because the bad guy does.!just trying to live righteous
  4. trophyhunter's Avatar
    I carry not only to protect the ones I love but, also to protect my right to life, Liberty,and preservation of my mere exsistence. There are way more Bad Guys out there.

    that are to lazy to make an honest living, instead they choose to try to take ours. God gave me the right to live, Our four fathers gave us the right to self Protection.

    I gave myself the will, and strength to Carry in self Defense, and to protect, and preserve what I 've worked so hard to achieve over these past 48 years of my life.

    I hope, and pray I never have to draw, or use my weapon in self defense. But if the day ever comes where I have too, trust me you would not want to be on the recieving end of an 230 gr. Jacketed Hollow Point. Thats why I Carry........
  5. Chili69's Avatar
    I carry because I can.
  6. awkuby's Avatar
    I carry because when seconds count a cop is just minutes away.
  7. brad159us6's Avatar
    I carry to ensure my freedom and to ensure the 2nd amendment doesn't die 100% It's already halfway dead due to lazy, uncaring, non-voting American's!!!! I am an army veteran and I'm 21 years of age I joined the army at 17 and it will be a cold day in hell before my right to carry concealed gets taken away from me!!
  8. Sandmann's Avatar
    I'm married with 2 daughters, work in the department of corrections for over 11 yrs. male and females inmates. I know what kind of people are out there.
  9. kstechtom's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chili69
    I carry because I can.
    I was gonna say that !