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  1. ATI FX45 GI Range Report (1000 rounds)

    1000 rounds.

    Well, that didn't take too long!

    Before buying the ATI FX45 GI Commander length pistol (pictured at the top of my blog) I spent a lot of time researching it online (and other lower priced 1911's) - from product reviews to forum threads and everything in between and in the end I chose the ATI over the Rock Island due to one fact - The Rock Island at my LGS didn't have the extended beavertail and the ATI did. Truth be told, I think I've made ...
  2. best 1911?

    I've been searching for a 1911 .45 ACP and have seen many different manufacturers who make this model. I have watched reviews on youtube and other websites. My personal favorite is a Kimber! They have some great looks and sizes but are $pricey$!! Springfield is another favorite but again pricey!

    What is your favorite manufacturer and what are they priced at?