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  1. Ampa! Protek me!

    When Gianna, my oldest granddaughter, was a pudgy, stumbling, giggling, smiling beautiful two-and-a-half year old, she had an epiphany about me and what I was willing to do for her. At a bar-b-Que at my house, my brother was playing with her, laughing, tickling and such, when he gave her the scary face and the playfully menacing scowl and then a low growl. My mother yelled in mock fear, "Run Gianna!"

    Gianna turned her chubby little body away from my brother ...
  2. "You're Killin' Me Smalls!"

    Its hard to talk to people who are pro-gun control. I mean... really, really hard. There isn't a fact they won't ignore, a catch phrase they don't embrace or a heinous, emotional event they won't stoop to aggrandize for the sake of their own desperate, rights infringing cause. Like Ham Porter in the movie Sandlot, I want to look a them and scream... "You're killin' me, Smalls!"

    But what really raises my ruckus is their pompous, arrogant, tsk tsk tsking, holier-than-thou ...
  3. Why Will I Carry?

    Those friends and family who’ve known me most of my life may have been surprised by my sudden jump into gun ownership, but the reality is, I was never against guns, I'd just never felt the need to keep a gun in my home if I wasn’t able to carry it on my person on a daily basis.

    I never saw the point of keeping a loaded gun in the home with children around, the risk vs reward factor, for me, was too high. Some of the thoughts that went into that decision were based on, in ...
  4. Learning to conceal carry the hard way, by just doing it.

    Well just sitting here and reading a few things here and there I thought I would share a little bit about my learning to carry a gun in my daily life. I'm no writer but I figure if one person reads this and learns something than that's all that matters.

    So here goes a try.

    So, after seeing that wonderful little piece of plastic in my wallet I dawned my weapon to excitedly see the world in a whole new way. I felt safe, powerful and ready to move through the world ever ...
  5. Has anyone bought the insurance from

    Quote Originally Posted by OrlandoChuck View Post
    Is this legit and is it worth it? It claims that it will help you if you ever need legal or civil help due to using your firearm for defensive purposes.
    Please understand that if you are ever clled on to use your wepon the law is going to come down on you to the point where you begin to wonder if you are actually living in the USA or in a foreign country.

    Thank God that Tim Schmidt did his homework with the help of some the best people ...
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