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  1. Illinois Concealed Carry Facts - The Everyday Questions

    The Illinois State Police will be be making the concealed carry applications available on their website on January 5th, 2014. Eagerly we all wait in anticipation.

    Some of you have already taken a required concealed carry course, and some of you have not. In any case, these are always the same questions that pop up regarding some of the fact. Yes, I have heard all of the birdies chirping, and each story has some sort of conflict with the actual Illinois Laws and regulations. ...
  2. 2 day and 3 evening IL CCL courses

    AMRI is offering a 2 session (9am-5pm) ISP approved IL Concealed Carry course in Lake Zurich (Rt. 12 & 22) starting Tuesday, Nov 12th and Thursday, Nov 14th. Call 1-800-272-9064 to register.

    The next course is the 3 evening (5pm-10pm) in Lake Zurich on Dec 9, 10, 11th.