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  1. America In Distress - Have We Reached The Tipping Point? Part 1

    Name:  1000a.jpg
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Size:  45.8 KBThe 2016 Presidential Election may be the single most important election in the history of this once great Nation.

    The Liberals of this Country are chomping at the bit to push the voting Citizenry over the edge and tip the scales forever towards their Socialist ideology.

    What exactly does that mean?

    It means once this Country's voting populace reaches a demographic that exceeds 50% Liberal, Conservatives and Libertarians ...
  2. Obama voters


    I just read an article about a gun store refusing service to obama voters. The store, Southwest Shooting Authority in Pinetop AZ, is displaying a sign asking Obama voters to turn around and leave. (see attached) Of course anyone who voted for Obama is at a minimum intellectually dishonest, and would probably lie about their political affiliation, like their beloved leader lies to the entire world.
    What do you think? Are Obama voters responsible enough ...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Images Don't Know If I Can Believe Him-obama-gun-store.jpg 
  3. Martial Law Preparation?

    Has anyone else paid any attention to the latest Executive Order to come out of the White House last Friday night? Sure sounds like he's making preparations to implement Martial Law. He cut down the 61 page Defense Preparations Act of 1950 (last modified in 2009) to only 12 pages. By doing so, he basically did away with the safeguards that were in the previous version.
    Read and compare for yourself.
    Original link:
    Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness | The White House