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  1. My Daughter Shoots! Check up my all new episode.

    My Daughter Shoots!
    Well this is my all new episode on YouTube. I will be training my 10 year old daughter Izzy to not only survive the future Zombie Apocalypse, but to dominate throughout. "My Daughter Shoots" is based on Izzy, my 10 year old daughter and her exciting journey to someday compete with firearms professionally. She is very much into the sport of shooting and loves shooting her (My) gun, a Ruger SR22 handgun. I would love to hear your comments and any tips you have ...
  2. Dry Fire Practice: Effective Practice That Preserves Your Ammo Hoard.

    *Disclaimer: Techniques and tips described here are to be used at your own risk. YOU are responsible for your safety and the safety of those around you.

    Dry fire practice is nothing new. It is an easy, inexpensive and effective way to improve your shooting. During these lean times of ammo shortages and price gouging, it's time to take another look at it. It is effective for everything from brushing up on the basics to practicing advanced defensive and carry techniques. It is also ...
  3. The value of dry-fire training

    I can remember as a young Ranger in [I]F Co. 51st Infantry Long Range Surveillance (LRS)[/I], I was first introduced to dry fire training by my platoon sergeant. He was a high level competitive shooter and former Delta / CAG Operator. We were at the range for probably about 12 days and a majority of that time was spent executing dry fire drills. As a 26 man amphibious recon platoon, we fired thousands of rounds in only a week's time. Because our unit was a Corps asset, we probably fired more rounds ...