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Tim DeKock

Busch Stadium Pat Downs

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Hi All,

Does anybody know if they pat you down for concealed firearms at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. I have my CCW here in Missouri and know the law, but I'm going to a night Cardinals game and don't really like being unarmed in downtown St. Louis at night.

Thanks for any info!
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  1. kholster's Avatar
    Hi Tim! My understanding of the Missouri Law is NO CARRY in gated parks. This covers all sport venues and places like the zoo and six flags. I've never been patted down in St. Louis but I don't carry in these places either. Hope this helps! jimmy
  2. Tim DeKock's Avatar
    Thanks for the info, Jimmy
  3. Pistoleer Pastor's Avatar
    Wow, Tim! Are you trying to sound like a BATFE or FBI troll? Yikes!
  4. Tim DeKock's Avatar
    just asking a simple question, Pistoleer Pastor
  5. saintjerome's Avatar
    I would not do that at all. Park near by.
  6. redhead092789's Avatar
    they don't pat you down but the police at the gates are looking for concealed weapons. they only check bags and coolers. I wouldn't be surprised if those fancy turnstiles had some fancy gun secrecy or in them (not to sound like a conspiracy theorist or anything)
  7. BUmmedic's Avatar
    Lambeau field in GB has security armed with handheld metal detectors. Wouldn't be surprised if you run into something similar.