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Firearm bumper stickers

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Do any of you like the bumper stickers these companies have put out? "insured by smith and Wesson". I've found a couple of them I get a laugh out of, but there are also a couple that are questionable like "heavily armed, easily pissed."
Seems like the last one is close to brandishing. I don't know. Like ive said before im young and need some schooling from some of you older folks. Just wanna know if any of you have seen these. Any more funny ones? What do you think of them?


  1. zacklmpd's Avatar
    I have one that says baby on bored protected by glock lol
  2. Mud pup P's Avatar
    Driver only carries $20 worth of Ammunition
  3. skydancer403's Avatar
    I have 2..."l carry a gun because a cop is too heavy"..."concealed carry works for me"