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getting my wife onboard

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I've been a gun enthusiast most my life. I have a very nice collection ranging from hunting rifles and shotguns, tactical rifles, and several handguns. I carry either a S&W MPc 9 or my North American Arms .22 mag pocket pistol.

Me and my wife dated almost 3 months before she finally realised that I carry concealed. Her uncle is a gun nut as well along with her Aunt. I've taken her to the range a handful of times but the only thing she is able to shoot is my 10/22. Everything else she cries as soon as she charges the weapon.

She doesn't see the point to carrying concealed at all. How do I make her understand that I dont do it to feel tough but to protect us? I've tried getting her to read the Glad I was carrying articles in magazines but all she can say is that was one person's account. Has anyone else had this problem?
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  1. Sir Diealotz's Avatar
    you should post this in the forums instead of a blog
  2. JHarrell's Avatar
    I have the same issue, I carry to church and my feance cant see the issue. give her the (SCARE) tactics. I find in NRA magazine the ARMED CITIZEN and read it to here and try to put us into it. or I find any thing that I can on the news to show her. it takes time but she will start to see. stay frosty!
    psalm 144:1
  3. gstarling3's Avatar
    Use the insurance analogy. Tell her this, you have car insurance right? Like car insurance you carry a gun for all those times something you never can or will ever be prepared never want to have to use it but if you ever need it.'s there
  4. Inglorious Basterd's Avatar
    I carry and expect others to respect my right to be armed. However, I also respect other people's right not to be armed. Just carry your gun and don't make a big deal out of it.
  5. tjarrowood's Avatar
    I don't make a big deal out of it. But it is important that my wife feel comfortable.
  6. gnj39110's Avatar
    Guess I'm one of the lucky ones. My wife had her conceal carry when I met her. A few months after we started dating she was forced to use her S&W .38 to defend herself and her daughter. The only problem I had was when she fired she aimed for the crackheads leg and not center mass. The guy was armed and she was lucky that she hit him well enough he wasn't able to shoot. He was in her yard looking for his girlfriend and had pulled the gun on my stepdaughter. Cops said they didn't see how the guy was able to even move because of the amount of drugs in his blood stream. My wife is the reason I got back into shooting. We now go to the range on a weekly basis and I plan on signing both of us up for a defensive handgun class in the near future. Of course now I'm going broke buying ammo and last week she saw this "cute" new XDM 3.8 she just had to have. I may be broke but she can cover me while I reload!!!
  7. the1drlove's Avatar
    Does she watch tv? Have her watch The Best Defense season 1. It got my wife on board as well as a few friends
  8. rdcn10ec's Avatar
    I can't get my wife to understand my carrying. I told her "does something have to happen before you see the light?". I think final she is concerned with home break-ins & home invasions & likes to know there's a defense weapon around. I'm still trying to warm up to the concealment idea.
  9. rdcn10ec's Avatar
    I'm still trying to get HER to warm up to the concealment idea.
  10. legamin's Avatar
    I carry concealed everywhere...except where boldly posted...then I begin a letter and phone campaign along with guys and gals from the range. My wife sees my passion in the importance of this freedom and is fine with it.
    She hasn't got her permit yet but soon? My collection is pretty extensive and she likes to go with me to the range and try them out. Try getting her a really nice customized purse with conceal holster and put a nice 5.7x28 that doesn't kick or bark much more than a .22 magnum but has the destructive ballistics of a .45. But sometimes it just boils down to the conviction that they believe that there is no circumstance in which they coul kill another human being.
    Personally, if I or my family were threatened, my military training and years of training would kick in and I would only be able to feel one thing about the drawing on and firing into another human being...recoil.
  11. RUGERFAN314's Avatar
    Ask her three questions---> #1do you own a fire extinguisher? Answer most likely yes #2 have u ever used it? Answer most likely no #3 then why do u have it? Answer just in case! Well thats why we carry just in case!