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flying with firearms

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I am flying to Texas in a couple of weeks, i have never flown with guns and I'm looking for some help full info on the process, I've checked that Texas has reciprocity with my Michigan CPL so I'm good there. I've read that the gun has to be packed in a lockable gun case, should the ammo be packed in another suite case? Any info would be great, and does any one have any horror stories about carrying in Texas? (they get a good grade in Travelers guide to firearm laws of the fifty states). Thank You
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  1. caution52334's Avatar
    Packing among your fire arm is asking for a stay in security checkpoint. Explain that you have a weapon to TSA packed. Then explain that your amo is packed in a whole other case(plane lengths from the firearm). You should do fine unless you p
    LAN on breast feeding.
  2. nodaywithout's Avatar
    Contact the tsa for full details. This is one of those situations were its best to get the info frpm yhem i would get it in writting if you can.
    I have a memo from a tsa director that states their policy but its a few years old and things could have changed since then
  3. nodaywithout's Avatar
    Typing on my phone forgive the errors above should be "from them"
  4. the1drlove's Avatar
    I have flown several times to and from texas with firearms and have not had any issues with transportation as long as my weapons were in a lockbox and my ammo was in the original box. if the ammo is seperate in the same box that is not an issue either
  5. reconman's Avatar
    I just got back from Seattle and i had my pistol I. A locked case and a cable lock thru the chamber. I also had my magazine and ammo in the same case. I had my locked Cass inside my checked luggage that also had to be locked. When you go to the counter to check in just tell them you have a firearm you are checking. You have to sign a card stating that it is unloaded and the form goes into the gun case. The keys to your luggage has to remain in your possession. I hope this helps and have fun in Texas.
  6. gunofason's Avatar
    it's not usually a big deal. Most airline agents are used to dealing with it. The ammo needs to be in the box and not randomly floating around in the suitcase. the gun should be in a hard case and locked. Declare the firearm and you are good to go. occasionally you will have to go into a back room and show the gun empty but that is rare. if you fly from San Antonio you will have to do that. las Vegas has a separate check in for those with firearms if flying with southwest. hope that helps