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  1. Just How Close Is the Rapture?

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    As of May 14 of this year we were 72 years into this Last Generation (1948-2028). Within the next 8 years ALL of End Time Prophesy will have been fulfilled. ALL means ALL...the RAPTURE of His Church, the war of Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 (disappearance of Damascus), the war of Gog-Magog (Ezekiel 38-39), the 7 years of Tribulation (antichrists rule), the war of Armageddon, and yes, the SECOND COMING OF CHRIST. If Hezbollah and ISRAEL go to war this summer, this will be the war of Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 (disappearance
  2. Just How Close Is the Rapture?

    Ringo posted his opinion of the timeline here:
    www usacarry com forums/politics-and-news/62309-signs-end-world-we-know-post634201 html#post634201
    I munged the link so that the forum software wouldn't filter it.