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I'm switching up

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So I just realized that a Stevens 320 security is ok for people who just want to stick it under the bed for that SHTF scenario...but, me, I like to shoot it until it gets boring.

I'm sending it in for the repairs (broken weld resulting in a stuck pump) and selling it for $150 (paid $200 new) and buying a Smith & Wesson SD40VE, new for $320. I also have a few boxes of 12 ga 00 buck for sale...

Anybody have experience with the SD40? The trigger pull is a bit tough, but I actually prefer it as I'm more accurate.
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  1. HaroldB's Avatar
    I own one and love it, I also own a 9 mm from S&W. almost identical. you won't be disappointed. enjoy!
  2. taylor.eric's Avatar
    I carry one and I love it. You can not get anything better for the price and it is fun to shoot.
  3. tricolordad's Avatar
    Picked it up on April fool's lol carrying it for a month and a half now. Great gun!