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Decided to become a commissioned NRA recruiter today

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I go to plenty of gun shows, air shows, veterans affairs and things of the sort attended by your average god, guns and country kind of people and this last one got me thinking...there's always a vendor selling guns, but never an NRA recruiter to be found. People ask about my NRA shirt, hat, whatever and always ask "how do you join the NRA?" or "do you have to know a member to get in?" and I've been directing them towards the website, which frankly puts some of the older would-be members at a disadvantage. So I filled out the form today and just popped it in the mailbox. If any of you are recruiters, do you have any tips or advice to a newbie? I'm great with personal sales. I used to sell over 50 slices of pizza to college students in a matter of minutes right after last call when they were stumbling back to their dorms and always had plenty of tips to stuff in my pockets (drunk chicks tip awesome lol), but I'm new to recruiting and have no idea how to go about getting a booth set up at these events.
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