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One in the chamber.... or not

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Quote Originally Posted by croute View Post
In MHO I think a gun shouldn't be "ready to fire." I use a semi-automatic and figure I'll have time to pull the slide. If I don't, I'm not sure it would really matter in the situation I'm in at that time. It's too easy to have your gun go off unexpectedly and just as easy to ready it.
Wrong! Go back to gun school please.
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  1. rj53081's Avatar
    I think if you can't handle your weapon loaded you should not carry
  2. BobbyHasADD's Avatar
    Always better to carry with one in the chamber. This isn't the movies.
  3. tjarrowood's Avatar
    Completely agree here. You carry as if you need to use it. If you carry without one in the chamber then you might as well take the magazine out too. You're carrying for the wrong reasons.
  4. Jmeadows's Avatar
    I'm sure the attacker will kindly wait for you to chamber a round then aim and fire.
  5. Carguycoolv's Avatar
    there is always one in the chamber if you have a revolver. no difference with semi-auto pistols.
  6. Seadog261's Avatar
    safety says no, but depends on the situation.
  7. Engelsione's Avatar
    One in the pipe all the time!
  8. Montyrush's Avatar
    i understand your you get more cumphy with your weapon, you will see the light! a suprise scuffle could require a one handed draw and fire.
  9. TWright's Avatar
    I drive with a drink in one hand and a burger in the other holding the wheel with my knees. I'm sure i'll have time to react in an emergency.