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Open carry in Washington?

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Anyone else open carry? I seem to be the only person around my area to carry my pistol openly even though I have my CPL. Just curious I guess. I do however receive A LOT of questions from people that didn't know open carry was legal in this state even without a CPL.
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  1. HaroldB's Avatar
    Hi, I carry all the time, I was in Washington a couple months ago on vacation for 2 weeks and OC all the while. No problems, I also found a lot of people are not aware its legal. I live in Michigan BTW. Good luck.
  2. Wesco's Avatar
    a lot of people don't know it is legal here. I do my fare share of both however I have been hassled in the past quite a bit for OC
  3. fauver8282's Avatar
    I open carry every day the only reason i have my chp " concealed handgun permit " as virginia calls it is that way i can carry my back up
  4. Firefighterchen's Avatar
    Yes I do, in the tri cities of south eastern Washington. Also have my permission slip so I'm ok while driving/riding.