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Front Sight- Day 1

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Good Evening Fellow Instructors,

As promised I stated I would blog my 4 day attendance while attending Front Sight's 4 Day Defensive Hand Gun Course.

Well I suppose for some of you this is rinse and repeat, but for the majority a little blog on Day 1.

Day 1 -
5:00 AM wake up call to get on the road to Front Sight from Pahrump. As you head back southeast towards Vegas the five is dark so don't do what I did and miss the turn onto Tecopa Rd. Or it's a 25 minute return trip, unless you make the first illegal U Turn, otherwise be warned.

Over 600 students showed up for their various courses on Day 1, so if When you come to Front Sight be prepared to make some new friends.

Class on Day one starts earlier than the remaining 3 days, but that is mostly due to all of the chalk talk, and legal forms(2) you must fill fill out. I was pretty impressed with the proficiency of the staff when arriving, presenting weapons for inspection etc. you can tell the staff has taken the time to hone their processes.

As an instructor I wanted to experience what it was like for a green never shot a gun, beginner was going to be instructed vs. the self proclaimed experts. There are several ranges, and the range I am assigned to there is a healthy mix of beginner to the very experienced, and at no time did I feel left behind, or felt like I was singled out as a less experienced shooter. Front Sight uses the Teacher/Coach method and works extremely well for this environment.

My day was filled with Dry Fire, Presentation, Live Fire and instructor demonstrated facilitation

I barley have had time to eat dinner and get in a quick workout and it's 9:00 PM, and this old dog is ready for bed.

Until tomorrow's post...
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