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Front Sight - Day 2

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Front Sight Day 2-

Day 2 started with a full 4 1/2 hours on the range practicing dry fire drills, fine tuning presentation and speed. Definitely starting to feel the multiple practice draws as my hands have become raw, as well as loading without a quick loader (I know, I know)

In addition to the above we developed skills and knowledge on the proper method of clearing Type 1, 2 and Type 3 malfunctions.

Interestingly enough I have been on the range on hundreds occasions and oddly enough have never experienced an occasion to have to clear a malfunction, until today. Not sue if it was karma, but shortly after learning the skills above I experienced not 1 but three stove pipes. I kept saying to myself, how did they set this up

Day two's afternoon session began with a couple of lectures covered civil and criminal liability scenarios to open up the mind to the potential of "what if", addressing multiple situational story lines that followed thru on the previous evenings discussion.

At 2:30 we reported back to the range where we were introduced to timed target acquisition with a 2 shot thoracic exercise followed by a headshot that May or may not be indicated based on range commands.

Our evening ended with a lecture on conceal and cover, entry tactics.

Day three starts over on the simulator...should be another god day of learning and shooting!

Stay tuned for Day 3 follow up...
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