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Front Sight Day 3

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Good evening all,

Well day 3 started very similar to day 2, on the range which from my perspective was an absolute great day.

Following up on the previous evenings lecture on cover and concealment we then developed skills with practical demonstration using mock ups of doorways, from there heading to the "simulator" where we were introduced to "live threats" using a live fire exercise that either neutralized the threat or in some cases a "good guy" was neutralized. The exercise was not timed however the heart rate did go up adding to the adrenaline which forced students to make split decisions.

Today was definitely a shooters day spending the entire day on the range learning new techniques and developing additional skills such as fine tuning trigger control, and additional drills on the different types of malfunctions and the proper techniques to clear them...

Concealed Carry presentation rounded out the last 2 1/2 hours along with concealed carry presentation and live fire exercises,

We were warned that Day 4 would be a long day....I'll let you know
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