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Front Sight Day 4

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Day 4'

As warned Day was a long day, but given the level of activities the day went pretty quick.

So many of you said you were curious about how I would finish in the Shooting Competition. For those at are not familiar shooters are randomly paired and shoot against each other at three steel targets, one of which is a "head shot" hostage simulator target placed at 7 yards, and two additional targets placed at 15 yards. On the command shooters present and shoot as quickly as possible, and the first to "kill" the bad guys without hitting the hostage (target 1 at 7 yards) you are deemed the winner of that round. Hit the hostage, you're also eliminated.

Drum roll please.....out of 34 students yours truly made it through 5 rounds finishing 4th. I am actually pretty happy with this given this was my first time.

After lunch we then transitioned to the final 4 day examination. When you attend Front Sight you have the ability to earn 3 different types of certificates. The exam is shooting, emergency weapons clearing, and tactical reloads, all timed...

There three types of certificates, Certificate of Achievement, Graduate Certificate, and Distinguished Graduate Certificate. We had 1 Distinguished Certificate, 7 Graduate Certificates (me) and the rest were Certificate of Achievement.

In Summary I am glad I attended, very challenging and well worth the time. I definitely feel I learned new skills and techniques I can teach to my students.

Thanks to everyone for letting me blog about my experience. This was an experience that is hard to explain yet much easier to write about as it unfolds. If anyone has any questions about Front Sight and my blog over the last 4 days please send me message and I will be happy to discuss.

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