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Glock 30 0r glock 36

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[B][SIZE=2][I]I'm in the market to buy a carry. 45 Cal and can't decide If I want the slimline or the fatter grip double stack G30. any suggestions on IWB holster brands to go with? Thanks brothers[/I][/SIZE][/B]
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  1. creatism's Avatar
    36, the 30 is a sweet SWEET shooter c
  2. creatism's Avatar
    accidentally hit "post" button. let's try this again.
  3. creatism's Avatar
    ok no enter either! 36, the 30 is a sweet SWEET shooter just to chunky, for me that is, as far as holsters, I like hybrid holsters for the most part. kholster, crossbreed, king tuck, those kind.
  4. gregory_england's Avatar
    try to find a range that rents, friend that has one or if you can't shoot both to decide - see how the feel in your hand if it's comfortable or cumbersome. the one that fits your hand size best would be a good first step. but try to find one you can shoot before you buy. Remember, be open minded and listen and the more you hear you will learn to decide in a more knowledge based decision - you may find something other than the GLOCK that works even better for you? hope this helps!
  5. gregory_england's Avatar
    then go for the holster in the same way
  6. rGlock36's Avatar
    I was in the same sitiuation, I went with the 36 only because it fit me better.
  7. vkent's Avatar
    Awesome guys really appreciate it!. England I will do that n shoot the 36.I shot the 30 and it felt great! as far as wearing it I live in south Florida so concealment would be a lil tricky
  8. jbjohns2's Avatar
    36- it's a easy pick
  9. jbjohns2's Avatar
    30 will never fit iw - you will need your paints two sizes larger
  10. Matt J C's Avatar
    I carry a 30 Iwb...conveniently after I lost 40lbs so I didn't need to buy new pants... That's me being budget conscious heh.
  11. vkent's Avatar
    True so the 36 is the way to go! Is there any useful options as far as magazine extensions
  12. Glocker001's Avatar
    G36 any day, with 2 spare mags, that's enough to get you out of any jam, size and fit go to the 36 as well. Accuracy, form, and function? That is a tie, along with the rest of the entire Glock line. Im glad you are choosing the right firearm, the Glock!
  13. Bonzer's Avatar
    my regular concealed carry is a Glock 36.
  14. 45man's Avatar
    I have the G30 with a tactical light for home defense in addition to a Kimber TLE II. The reason I sold my G36 was because I had too many issues with FTF. It turns out the the magazines were the issue. The magazine follower would get stuck/jam inside the magazine. I purchased 8 different G 36 factory magazines and they all eventually had the same issue. I never had the issue with my G30 ever or any other hand gun. Anyone have similar issues with the G 36?
  15. givemaboot's Avatar
    I have both. I find that the g36 gets carried more than the g30. I am not a big guy z
  16. givemaboot's Avatar
    sorry hit the send button. I like the slim line G36
  17. mattbrooks76's Avatar
    I tried both before I bought mine & the 30SF felt better to me. I carry it daily in a Crossbreed Supertuck.
  18. virtigo's Avatar
    I have both. G30 in the winter and G36 in the summer.
  19. LEO1985's Avatar
    I carry the Glock 30 all the time. I carry it using the IWB CompTac kydex holster. It was around $85, but I absolutely love it. Extremely easy to draw and quickly re-holster.

    I use the CompTac kydex lined belt as well. Awesome carry setup in my opinion.

    The Glock 36 is nice, but I personally prefer the grip on the G30. I even use the flush 9 round magazine for the G30 too.
  20. n4sxx's Avatar
    I was faced with what to carry daily upwards of 16 hrs. I carry Glock G-22/double stack 15 round clip I.W.B. no extra size pants normal 32's go check out tell them Randy sent you. It is a zero bulk carry device