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ultimate carry 9mm?

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Hey g ys need ur help again! In the market for a small 9mm been thinkin about the P11 but ive been hearing Ruger LC9 is awesome... [B]whats the better choice. Also i live in hot hot florida![/B]
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  1. TlWheatley's Avatar
    I favor the M&P Shield over the LC9 because of the trigger pull and reset.It's too long on LC9
  2. concealedinla's Avatar
    Love my Kahr CW9
  3. vkent's Avatar
    [SIZE=3]kahr seems great but i like kel products better [/SIZE]
  4. jsiberians's Avatar
    I just finished test firing my new LC9 two days ago and it is excellent. Fired wwb and ranger t hp 147 with no problems at all. Long trigger but for me very smooth.
    I carry ccw iwb and from day one it has been easy to conceal and has been completely comfortable.
  5. onetuza's Avatar
    Smith & Wesson M&P Shield
  6. 57moon's Avatar
    I carry a Kahr PM9 in the heart of Texas; and I too have to deal with the heat and humidity in the summer. Strong, reliable, easily concealable and it fits me just fine.
  7. kdhennig's Avatar
    I enjoy my Keltec PF-9 with clip extension. 8+1 like your not wearing anything. Use the CorBon +P ammo.
  8. jeapster93's Avatar
    I love my Walther PPS 9mm
  9. mafragassi's Avatar
    I like my CW9 Kahr compact very easy to conceal.
  10. RCF81's Avatar
    I got the Kimber Solo and love it. best trigger of any gun in its class. That being said, the M&P Shield wasn't out yet. If it was, I might have saved the $300 and gone with the Shield. I agree with TI, to long of a trigger pull on the LC9
  11. bojeffnc's Avatar
    I like the Ageis ll Kimber with nite sights
  12. Montyrush's Avatar
    i carry a sig p229 but i think the hk p2000sk and the kimber solo look sick!
  13. lbbowhunter's Avatar
    I carry the g26 when ever possible because it very dependable. I also have the LC9 as well. it shoots well and conceals better so I have noticed I'm carrying the LC9 more. lots of choices so actual carry a few different models based on attire. the LC9 would be a good choice if you had to pick one.
  14. wayne's Avatar
    I'll continue to carry my German manufactured Walther P-38. Shoots as accurate today as it did the day it was made, well balanced, deadly looking yet streamlined and above all, the weapon is dependable. I know, its old fashioned
  15. glockcarry's Avatar
    the shield is a sweet gun the more I handle the beretta nano the more I like it of u plan on shooting it a lot I would avoid the lc9 kar also makes a sweet small pistol I want to see the Springfield xds
  16. virtigo's Avatar
    My LC9 is great! So is my G26.
  17. Robbie's Avatar
    I carry a Kel Tec PF9. feels great and easy to hide. Fit's great in a either my pants pocket or in a IWB holster.
  18. mattbrooks76's Avatar
    My Kahr CM9 is nice. I pocket carry it daily as a backup gun.
  19. RRoss's Avatar
    Just a suggestion. Since you live in Fl, see if you can test fire a Diamonback DB9. They are setup just like the Glocks (exact same takedown, and parts layout) but they are made right in Cocoa Beach. Great gun, and fun to shoot. I personally carry a G26, no matter what the weather.
  20. JohnLM's Avatar
    Ruger SR9c is an excellent weapon.
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