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Top 10 Things not to go cheap on

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Read an article by Jason Hanson, thought I'd make my own top 10 things you just cant go cheap on.

Had to keep TP, and Razors on the list... its just well... so true.

I saw a list today... by a fellow USA Carry Member, on his top TEN things you just can't go cheap on... Decided I'd make my own and share. Im the guy who when I need white t-shirts I can go find some within five miles in any given direction because there is always a walmart nearby, and gas? well ... nothing more then 87 quality in my tank and some of us can spend hundreds on a pair of shoes or jeans... not me. But we all have to admit there are some things in this world we just cant go cheap on. So here are a few of the things that topped my list.

1: Toilet paper- You can loose friends over this... we don't want to come over anymore, and well its just cruel to family members.

2: Razors- I know you all at one point or another have been at a hotel and forgotten your blade at home and had to use the one they give you... you barely survive bleeding to death, right?

3: Protective equipment: And its protective equipment of any kind. You don't go buy $2,500 scuba diving tickets in maui with the **** you just bought at the 10 for 10 sale at walmart, right? Or when someone breaks into your home at 3am looking to do harm to your family, are you the "grab the broomstick" guy, or the "grab the kimber .45" guy? I mean really.

4: Tires: You remember that time your best bud came up to you and he is like, " look at my new wheels man", ya got to drive it and see how awesome they ride so ya do... and ya hit the road and its like your driving a water bed instead of a car and ya look at the speedometer and it only reads 25mph? And you wonder why some young people are all over the road when they start to merge on the freeway.

5: Mechanic: I mean, when your transmission is laying in the bed of your buddys pickup and your delivering it to the shop your vehicle was last towed to your not gonna be wanting to pay the mexican on the street corner who "no speaky english" half price.

6: Tipping: Now, people will argue this one with me I'm sure, but when you go to a restaurant where the waitress/waiter is making minimum wage and your asking for everything but the Eiffel tower, its implied that you leave a nice tip, otherwise when you come in next time you just might end up with what looks like nuttella on your toast and have it be the "cooks special".

7: Eye glasses: I don't wear glasses but I've heard horror stories. Now if you NEED glasses, your probably like most people who go to the eye doctor find out what they truly cost, and end up at walmart later that evening buying a "buy one get one" pair of generic reader glasses for $15 bucks. What you don't know is when you put them on and hit the road for home that while your driving down the freeway at 65 mph you will be seeing lights and pretending your on a light speeder from star wars.

8: Diapers: Need I say more... gross.

9: Your Truck: When you go truck shopping you don't stop in to the local Hyundai dealer, you drive on by as fast as you can and hope your wife doesn't want to stop.

10: Plastic Silverware: If your going to buy or use plastic silverware because you don't own or want to do any dishes at least get the good stuff, I mean have you ever gone over to your best buds pad and sat down to eat a nice steak and have a beer with a steamy baked potato and then realized that all he had was sporks because he was too cheap to get the $1.19 pack of utensils (yea, you men know what I'm talking about) ... lord all mighty. If your like us, we went through half the damn box in one sitting.

Anyways, that's all for now. Tata..
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  1. bumnthsun's Avatar
    Shoes and alcohol
  2. legamin's Avatar
    Camp shovel, Hunting rifle, Scope, birthday and Christmas present for your wife (if you do don't pretend not to understand why she gets mad at you every time you get a new gun, better hunting gear, trigger job on your 'baby' or go shooting tannerite targets with your buddys...)
  3. legamin's Avatar
    Home defense weapon. The old maxim applies, spend whatever you think your families' and yours lives are worth, then save that much up, test a few at the range, read everything you can to make an informed decision then plunk no less than your honest assessment of the value of life down for a reliable, professionally tuned gun.