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If you are elected or appointed it is your duty to know this!

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There is no law that can restrict our rights.We need to remove the burdensome regulations they have saddled us with. We need to adopt the laws of Vermont, Arizona, Wyoming and Alaska. The Supreme Court in the state of Vermont has said that the way you carry a weapon, weather concealed or not concealed, is irrelevant. What's relevant is your intent to commit a violent or felony act. A measure of Second Amendment freedom relates to how gun owners may carry in Michigan, "allow"? "NO"! the right of concealed carry of handguns, without a permit, Is the right of the people! Period!
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  1. J.R.Cozad@Reagan.com's Avatar
    I agree! A gun on your person: regardless of type; concealed or not concealed is the 2nd amendment right. Permits are just another form of gun registration. Instead of registering each gun you have; the permit registers YOU. The feds have all of the info they need. Every time you purchase a handgun, NCIS has a record. Get a permit for the purchased handgun and the authorizes have two records.