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Wifes first firearm

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Surprised my wife with her first pistol today, She will be getting her concealed weapons permit soon. Its a Smith-Wesson Bodyguard revolver 38 .
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  1. TlWheatley's Avatar
    Congratulations!!!! Good choice.
  2. lfdroberson's Avatar
    My husband bought one for me (first gun) for Valentine's day this year. It shoots very well.
  3. jcrider's Avatar
    That's a great little gun! She should be very happy with it.
  4. Camerondavidl's Avatar
    My wife has been asking for a new gun as well. She wants a S&W bodyguard .380 with the built in laser site. I think i will be buying it for her birthday next month. So Shhh... noone tell. I'll have to order her a couple holsters too. She has a CHL but hardly carrys because her Glock 27 is just a lil too wide and she says it is uncomfortable.