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best 1911?

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I've been searching for a 1911 .45 ACP and have seen many different manufacturers who make this model. I have watched reviews on youtube and other websites. My personal favorite is a Kimber! They have some great looks and sizes but are $pricey$!! Springfield is another favorite but again pricey!

What is your favorite manufacturer and what are they priced at?


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  1. legamin's Avatar
    Another model you might look at is the FNP or FNX .45 cal. They are smooth, balanced and low recoil weapons that will give you a life time of military grade service.
    As far as pricey...if you plan to use this for self defense or home valuable is your life and the lives of your family?
    I know of a 9 mm for $39.95, but I wouldn't bet my life on it.
  2. bikerbill's Avatar
    I have a Springfield Loaded and a Kimberly UCII ... both are excellent with no failures since new ... maybe buy used?
  3. xdmstarnes's Avatar
    yeah Used could be an option! i am looking for somewhere under 1K. I have a .40 cal XDM beside the bed but I want to start a collection so I just wanted some feedback on 1911's. Probably better off just saving for the higher quality and better looking pieces, just wasnt sure if anyone favored other brands under 1K.

    Thanks fellas.
  4. Kalamity023's Avatar
    I love my SIG1911 tacops model. It ran me NIB 950, came with 4 mags and night sites.
  5. g27gen4's Avatar
    Kimber's are really nice. I have a custom 2 that I bought for $855.00 out the door. There has been 500 rounds put through it with not a single problem.
  6. UltraElite45's Avatar
    I have a 3" Kimber Ultra Elite that was one of a special run of 2750 guns from the Kimber custom shop in 1999. It was the forerunner of the CDP ll. I can shoot 3" groups @ 25 yards. I repeat a 3" barrel ! I'd submit Kimbers are worth every penny.
  7. TWright's Avatar
    I'm getting tired of the " how much is your life worth" argument. Obviously my life is worth a 24/7 security team protecting me everywhere I go but that's not going to happen is it? At some point, fantasy has to meet reality. Not everyone can save up $2000, $1500, Or even $1000 for "the best". I'm perfectly happy carrying my awesome $500 compact Citadel 1911 .45, which seems to function as well as a Kimber.
  8. jscooper1975's Avatar
    I have a taurus and a kimber i cant really tell to much of a difference in them shoot on target every time and never had an issue with them i about to by my wife a taurus 1911
  9. n8ygn's Avatar
    I carry the Colt Commander and am very please with the accurancy out to 40 yds and no problems in 3 yrs. Usually sells for less than 1k but ammo for a 45 cal cost more than a 40 cal maybe a better choice. I even hunt deer with a pistol in 7/08 and am accurate out to 200 meters but am at the point in my life that I have trouble dragging them
  10. safetymancsp's Avatar
    I have the SA TRP armorykote - love it and it shoots like a dream!
  11. misunderstood's Avatar
    Anybody have para?
  12. sts2derek's Avatar
    There's a lot of options, but I bought the Remington 1911 and absolutely love it! Got it for 600$
  13. XD40FAN's Avatar
    When it comes down to it the price difference comes down to bells and whistles and how much the manufacturer wants you to pay for there name. As you can see I said Nothing about functionality and dependability is related to the price!
  14. sdgw's Avatar
    I carry a Para Slim Hawg, and love it. But it's nothing compaired to my pair of Series 70 Colt Gold Cups. Right or left handed, 1'' groups.
  15. NotTwoShure's Avatar
    Had a Para, double and one single action, I am getting old, they are heavy. Had a Commander, now, the Kimber CDP II is my darling, the Eclipse II in not bad. I have shot a few others, traded them for other things or cash. The CDP II will chamber all I have put thru her. As said earlier by a fellow on this, for protection price should not come into the equation, unless you are only going to qualify with it a few times a year.
  16. ajkimber's Avatar
    I own a Kimber Pro Carry II that I sent to Kimber Custom Shop for lots of work. Refinshed with KimPro II matte black, 3.5 lb trigger job, front strap checkering, night sights and Crimson Carry Lasergrips. They have nothing stock that is exactly like it, and its amazing...
  17. Montyrush's Avatar
    springfield EMP felt the best in my hand but a buddy of mine has a para ordinance...i've never felt so accurate than w that para! worth a look
  18. TlWheatley's Avatar
    Have a ss para slim hawg w/3" barrel. Very nice gun. Conceals well.alitttle heavy,but the recoil is great.
  19. NotTwoShure's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by misunderstood
    Anybody have para?
    Had the single and a double action, getting old and they were much too heavy for me, but folks I shoot with have no issues. I like the Kimbers in every size, had a bunch of the others, the USA is important to me. XD and such just do not care for, but, Glock is not too bad, in I do not think. In the early 1970's I bought a Colt from Monkey Wards for $150.00. Had a few issues. Guess this goes to the Ford v. Chevy.
  20. xdmhotshot's Avatar
    check out the smith and Wesson 1911 e-series. has a price around 850 or 950 with crimson laser grips. very reputable dealer and it looks gorgeous with those wood grips and fish scale serrations on the slide
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