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    Time Warner Cable

    Gun buster signs on everyone I've been in.
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    If you are a Time Warner customer I would be looking for other options. I have a real problem supporting a business that doesn't support my right to carry.

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    While refusing to spend your money at a business that is posted sounds good in theory, let's remember trhat in many states (mine included) many places that are posted are legal to carry in without the signs. And in states like mine, signs posted in those places don't carry the weight of law, meaning if you're caught, you're not breaking the law (and therefore can't be arrested, unless you refuse to leave; then you can be arrested for trespassing, which is NOT a gun charge). Almost none of these places that are posted have metal detectors or security checking patrons at the door, so why should I concern myself with a policy that's not being enforced by driving several miles out of my way to go to another business, burning valuable gas (now more than$ 3/gallon) in the process? Just don't advertise that you're carrying and everything should be fine.
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    Good points you bring out - choose you battles wisely, I interpret, correct? Yes, we can't be so staunchly against every anti-gun establishment. They hurt themselves greatly by ostracizing a large pro-carry constituency.

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    Let's not forget all the employees who do not make the rules. They are trying to make a living for their families just the same as we are. In today's job market, you have to go where the jobs are...not where you want them to be.

  7. More union thugs.
    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it."Frederic Bastia

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    I think a lot of these places post the signs to appease the left. Our local mall is so posted, but the posting does not meet the requirements of state law, so those of us who realize that can carry anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sFe View Post
    Gun buster signs on everyone I've been in.
    If Time Warner's service is anything like Comcast. I can understand why they wouldn't allow guns in their facilitys. I believe that these companys can bring the most trusting little old lady to the snapping point.
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    Coffee the elixir of life!

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    list in Texas

    Planet fitness
    Time Warner Cable
    Dell Inc. All sites in US
    Cinemark Teathers in Houston

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    i have internet through Time Warner.....i will NOT have their cable TV.....and only reason i use their net is they are best in town...

    but anyway..they do NOT have any signage on the doors to my local office and i carry there every month when i pay my bill.......

    ** btw i usually show my concealed carry license most places when they ask for ID......

    without me doing anything else the lady behind the counter offered me a reduced rate for a year on my net....

    then 2 months later one of the other ladies behind the desk upgraded me for free for a year....

    so now i pay 49.99 a month for turbo roadrunner.....was paying 54.99 for basic.....lite is like 35 bucks..

    so from my experience this office at least is pro-2nd amendment...

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