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  1. Carry one small enough to truley conceal. I have no Idea how big or small you Are , so skull it out. just remember it's easier to beg for forgivness than ask permission.

    Stay Safe My Friend;

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    Here in Michigan...

    Quote Originally Posted by 91JEEPYJ View Post
    All the Megaplex theaters that I've been to here in UT have words posted on the lower glass of the front doors that reads "NO WEAPONS ALLOWED". I find this ridiculous!

    Because I carry everywhere I go, and decided to catch a movie with a friend of mine while on that side of town, I was forced to leave my gun in the glove compartment of my car in the parking garage. This is a relatively dark parking garage and on the way into the theater I found myself thinking that it would be pretty easy to break into someones car and make off with all kinds of goodies (my gun included) because of the poor lighting conditions and the concealment provided all the tightly parked cars and large concrete pillars, not to mention in a structure like that where sound travels well, it's easy to hear someone coming from a distance. Despite my unease I went in for the movie (True Grit), my gun locked in my car.

    In my seat before the movie started I was thinking about what would happen if someone did break into my car and ran off with my gun. I have the feeling that most of you here will agree with me in thinking that my gun is safer on my person than anywhere else. Let's say that my car was broken into and the thief ran off with my gun and knocked off a liquor store. I'd like to think that I wouldn't be held liable because I locked the gun in my car and out of sight, and the thief had to illegally break into my car to get my gun. Could the theater be held responsible? If it wasn't for their stupid (IMHO) policy towards law abiding gun owners, that gun would never have been in the car, let alone stolen and used in a robbery. A policy like this must mean that Megaplex Theaters doesn't trust law abiding citizens. If that's true, why are they even in business?! They are supported by law abiding citizens, myself included!! Why am I any different than all the others just because I decide to be responsible for my own safety and to a certain degree the safety of the others around me?

    If I'm carrying a gun on my person, then I have complete control over it. With notices like "NO WEAPONS ALLOWED" posted at these theaters, or any gun free zone for that matter, these places are requiring you to remove your gun in public. Done discreetly or not, it's still in public where most people freak when they see someone who's not a cop taking a gun out. Even if that person were to put it directly into the glove compartment.

    I'd like to think that Megaplex's tune would change if that same thief had robbed the theater instead of the liquor store down the street. It probably wouldn't, they'd just try and bar guns from the property all together (including the parking garages)... Just my two cents though.
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    Our law specifies that you can't carry (OC or CC) in theaters (movie, live stage, opera, etc.) with a seating capacity of 2500, or more, total.
    That's why I agree with one poster who advised you to read your state and local laws on the subject.
    Few of our theaters have that much seating except for the really BIG movie theater complexes. An example in my area has 20 theaters with an average of 100 seats per theater (some have more - some less). Far less than required by Michigan's law.
    Which allows you to carry regardless of what the sign says.
    If you're carrying CC - unless you're outed somehow - no one will know.
    if you're carrying OC, then all they can do is ask you to leave. You can't, legally, be charged with anything.
    Good luck and stay safe.

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    Texas law is it must be the specific 30.06 sign in a certain size and contrasting colors. If it's not that I carry. They can ask you to leave and you must or end up in trouble, but concealed is concealed. They can't ask if they don't know.

  5. CCW Rules

    Check your State law before you make the decision to carry where "no guns allowed" is posted on the door. You will find that most States allow for the owner or manager of private property to prohibit carry on his property, even if you have a CCW permit. This includes publicly accessible places that are privately owned, like a mall, theater, restaurant, or other business, as well as private residences that are not normally accessible to the public. The law views this as a matter of the owner exercising his personal property rights.

    I agree that the owner or manager who posts such a sign just doesn't get it and is endangering more people than he is protecting (since criminals pay no attention to the signs) and he only disarms law-abiding good guys with the sign.

    But there is no law against misguided ignorance. It is his property, and he is, in nearly all States, allowed to prohibit weapons or firearms on his property.

    If you choose to ignore the sign, you are technically in violation of the law. The worst that can happen (if someone actually sees your not-so-well concealed piece and reports it) is not just asking you to leave; it is having you arrested for a gun violation, which may result in the loss of your permit to carry and give you a criminal record, making it difficult for you to buy another gun for some time. In some States, your weapon would be confiscated and not returned to you.

    If you decide the risk of not carrying is too great to comply with that law, that's a choice you alone can make. But make it with your eyes open, knowing the potential consequences.

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    Ok, I just found this website that has the legitimate law regarding carrying firearms in UT. This is the BCI website and it is the issuing authority here in UT for our Concealed Firearm Permits. <FirearmLaws>

    I got in contact with an officer in the Salt Lake county Unified Police Department. After speaking with him, he assured me that any property owner (Megaplex Theaters in this case) can call the police if you're found in violation of a "NO WEAPONS ALLOWED" posting. They can try to have you arrested and prosecute you but the officer I spoke with told me that most of the officers, in the interest of keeping the peace, will reason with the property owner and just ask you to leave. This is assuming you stuck around (like an idiot) once you were informed that the police were going to be called. If you did get arrested, it's not a felony it's only a misdemeanor so your firearms right's would not be affected.

    He told me that a firearm would be considered a weapon with regards to that posting but so would a pocket knife or a pair of nail clippers if one were to use the TSA definition of "weapon". He basically wound up saying that the broader the scope of the language the harder it would be for them to convict you. If Megaplex Theaters were to restrict their postings more specifically to "firearms" and not "weapons", and post the UT code authorizing such a prohibition, their case might be better. This would apply to private residence postings as well.

    In this particular instance the Megaplex theater is not a secure area as defined by the BCI website. The officer said as far as he was aware the only "secure" areas he knew of was Courthouses, Jails and anything beyond the metal detectors at the airport.
    There are two kinds of people: those who say to God, "Thy will be done," and those to whom God says, "All right, then, have it your way." - C. S. Lewis

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    In Texas the signage is very specific, after this weeks shooting in AZ, I carry everywhere as someone armed in a state that lawfully allows open and cocealed carry could have stopped this madman, the law enforcement community did not. Criminal means outside the LAW, shooting fish in a barrel is easy if the fish cannont defend themselves due to signage.

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    Michigan Theaters

    It is illegal to enter a theater in Michigan with a firearm according to CCW law. Which that makes a theater a criminal impowerment zone. When will they learn!!
    Beware of your surroundings

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    In Okla Law, all that is stated for a business is "nothing contained in any provision of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act, Section 1290.1 et seq. of this title, shall be construed to limit, restrict or prohibit in any manner the existing rights of any person, property owner, tenant, employer, or business entity to control the possession of weapons on any property owned or controlled by the person or business entity." The Act is specific about violations with the exception of this section. It does not appear there is a violation of Self-Defense Act which governs concealed carry, but it may fall under a tresspass law of some other law. There is nothing in the act that allows for any punishment for carrying in a business posting "No Weapons or No Firearms Allowed". There are some places that you are specifically prohibited from concealed carry that have specific punishments, be it misdemeaner or felony. Theaters, Malls and Hospitals are not included in that list. In a conversation with my city's chief of police he stated that is the business found out you were carrying concealed he expected they would ask you to leave; if he was called that's all he would do. On the other hand, he said if there was an incident that you prevented possible loss of life, he would recommend you for an award from the city.

    According to my class instructor who was a law enforcement officer, under the reciprocal agreements with the other states, those other states agree to accept the Oklahoma Self-Defense act as the governing law for Oklahoma citizens with concealed carry permits in their states.

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    There are many places in Oklahoma that you can't carry at. Stop by a bank, library, or 7-11 store for starters. Now given it's not near as bad as some states, that's why I live here too.

    And as far as someone breaking in your car and you being liable: your car is different then your house. If someone breaks in your home and gets a weapon and hurts someone the DA will have to prove you were somehow negligent (left door open, didn't immediately report the theft when you noticed it etc...) but in your auto you can be charged because you didnt really secure your firearm. I have a high quality safe in both my cars and secure my weapon in them if I am not carrying. I also have a car alarm that has a keychain deal on it that tells me if my alarm is being activated. Whatever you do, don't walk up to a door, see the sign, then go back to your car. Lol

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    Fibro I can't find it in the actual law but I remember in the osbi booklet it said that businesses had the right to prohibit folks from carrying on their property and that you could get in a little trouble for violating that if caught. Just be careful. I pretty much carry everywhere but banks, post offices, and govt buildings, etc...

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