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    Angry Larry H. Miller's Megaplex Theaters

    All the Megaplex theaters that I've been to here in UT have words posted on the lower glass of the front doors that reads "NO WEAPONS ALLOWED". I find this ridiculous!

    Because I carry everywhere I go, and decided to catch a movie with a friend of mine while on that side of town, I was forced to leave my gun in the glove compartment of my car in the parking garage. This is a relatively dark parking garage and on the way into the theater I found myself thinking that it would be pretty easy to break into someones car and make off with all kinds of goodies (my gun included) because of the poor lighting conditions and the concealment provided all the tightly parked cars and large concrete pillars, not to mention in a structure like that where sound travels well, it's easy to hear someone coming from a distance. Despite my unease I went in for the movie (True Grit), my gun locked in my car.

    In my seat before the movie started I was thinking about what would happen if someone did break into my car and ran off with my gun. I have the feeling that most of you here will agree with me in thinking that my gun is safer on my person than anywhere else. Let's say that my car was broken into and the thief ran off with my gun and knocked off a liquor store. I'd like to think that I wouldn't be held liable because I locked the gun in my car and out of sight, and the thief had to illegally break into my car to get my gun. Could the theater be held responsible? If it wasn't for their stupid (IMHO) policy towards law abiding gun owners, that gun would never have been in the car, let alone stolen and used in a robbery. A policy like this must mean that Megaplex Theaters doesn't trust law abiding citizens. If that's true, why are they even in business?! They are supported by law abiding citizens, myself included!! Why am I any different than all the others just because I decide to be responsible for my own safety and to a certain degree the safety of the others around me?

    If I'm carrying a gun on my person, then I have complete control over it. With notices like "NO WEAPONS ALLOWED" posted at these theaters, or any gun free zone for that matter, these places are requiring you to remove your gun in public. Done discreetly or not, it's still in public where most people freak when they see someone who's not a cop taking a gun out. Even if that person were to put it directly into the glove compartment.

    I'd like to think that Megaplex's tune would change if that same thief had robbed the theater instead of the liquor store down the street. It probably wouldn't, they'd just try and bar guns from the property all together (including the parking garages)... Just my two cents though.
    There are two kinds of people: those who say to God, "Thy will be done," and those to whom God says, "All right, then, have it your way." - C. S. Lewis

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    Well I would find your state law on the actual requirements for the no weapon signage. Do you cc or oc ? If you cc and the signs aren't legal then concealed is concealed and besides it's a firearm not a weapon unless you choose to use it as such. One question though, how did you like the movie?

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    I have heard that people have been charged for leaving their gun in their car and it being used to commit a crime. As for the sign it reads no weapons my gun is not a weapon it is a tool that I use when my live is in danger. A weapon has only one use that is to kill or wound. Semantics is not a good thing to stand on so do as the above poster said and check what the laws says about the signs and your duty to follow them.

    Another thing if you must leave you gun in your car get a gun safe. for if they break into your car your gun is now in a safe which has to be broken into. This shows that you took precautions to keep your gun safely secured in your car and for them to gain access to it required more then a screwdriver to pop the lock.

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    I run into that here at the local mall. They have a list of rules stated that are to be observed while there, and the last one reads no firearms or illegal weapons allowed. I normally don't go to the stupid mall, prices are way high anyway, but if I do I still carry. The worst they can do is tell me to leave.

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    Hey Jeepy

    Just curious, which side of town is "that side of town". The same day you were watching True Grit, I was at the Crossroads of the West gun show, directly across the street from Miller's Megaplex 17 at Jordan Commons. Ironically, roughly half the cars in the Jordan Commons parking structure belonged to people at the gun show.

    For what it's worth, I would have ignored the sign. It's my inexpert opinion that No Weapons signs at private businesses in Utah lost their teeth after the Trolley Square trajedy.
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    Well, here in NC it is easy to get a CCW, but the list of places you cannot cary is so extensive it is almost not worth it.

    One of the restrictions is that you can't cary anywhere that charges admission... so all theators and carnivals are out, posted or not.

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    Hey HardCorps,

    Yup, Megaplex 17 in Jordan Commons on the east side is the specific theater I was referencing but all the Megaplex theaters have the postings, even the ones over here on the west side. As far as gun show parking, that's where I park too.

    For the most part I obey the posted signs. Only one time have I found myself in violation. Shortly before Thanksgiving, after I had finished Christmas shopping for friends and family, I bought a S&W 360PD as a new carry gun (Merry Christmas to me). I had been toying around with different holsters and was testing out a DeSantis pocket holster. It was soooo comfortable I can honestly say that I forgot I had it on me. Only after I had bought my ticket and sat down in my seat did I realize I was in violation of the posting. But at that point I wasn't about to get up, run out to my car, put my gun away, and run back in to catch the movie. There were no incidents to speak of.

    After an experience like that, it kind of makes me think about how good my concealment skills really are. Do I feel comfortable enough to do that all the time? You know what "they" say... It's only illegal if you get caught.

    BTW, True Grit was awesome! I'm a big fan of the Coen Bros.
    There are two kinds of people: those who say to God, "Thy will be done," and those to whom God says, "All right, then, have it your way." - C. S. Lewis

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    Sign? What sign? I didn't see any sign. I don't see signs that I'm not looking for. You get my drift?
    Chaz Murray

  10. If I have said it once "Concealed Is Concealed". How do they know if you are carrying.

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    I guess Oklahoma must be a little different. When I applied for my ccw I started looking for no weapons allowed sign postings. I have been carrying for a while and still have not found one, even at the theaters. The law defines common places not to carry such as government buildings, schools, professional sporting events, bars, etc. My understanding of the Oklahoma law is that if a business posts no weapons allowed, they are ensuring your safety and if there is an incident that could have been prevented by concealed carry, they can be held liable in civil court.

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