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Thread: AARP & 7-11 / Southland Corp Against Firearms

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdc2co View Post
    Kasper: I am unclear as to what happened to you and very interested. It seems like you were fired because another co-worker saw you carrying in public, but not on company property and not while on company time?
    That is total *********. My employer bans guns on all work property even though state law says the parking lot is fair game if it's locked in the vehicle. I contacted corporate about their views on "customers" and CCW. They say they "respect" all local, and state carry laws. So I can carry at work as long as I'm not on the "clock".

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    Quote Originally Posted by OngoingFreedom View Post
    There's a lot of reasons to avoid the AARP. You named one of them.
    +1 on that. I will NEVER give any money to AARP.

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    Ok, I got it. I was missing the first part of the situation. That's all. I just didn't know what your situation was. Sorry if I offended you!

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